Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Writer's Block

I just don't have much going on today, at least not much to talk about. I went to lunch with my little sister and mom and it was good, not great but good. We went to Ruby Tuesdays, where my little sister works, and it reminded me of all the other restaurants of that caliber, ie Applebee's, Chili's etc. I like wheat bread but their wheat bread made me feel like I was eating out of the bird feeder--it was that coarse and seedy. I don't eat hamburgers so I find a 1/2 lbs burger a little... repulsive, yet I know many people like that kind of stuff and that doesn't bother me. I don't eat meat because I don't like the texture of flesh, not for any animal rights reason, which is good because my husband is an avid hunter and fisher--but he says that fish and shrimp are not meat. I disagree; if it comes from an animal, its flesh and I don't eat it. The high point of my day was listening to my sister and mother disagree on everything; they rarely see eye-to-eye so I made them sit on the same side of the table together so I could enjoy all the fun out of their reach. They are so busy talking, coughing, and spitting all over each other and the others' food that I really didn't need to say a thing, just sit back and enjoy the show. Now I have covered my whole day and am feeling the weight of this writer's block....

Update: Seems it is only me that is not impressed with Ruby Tuesday's. My husband and Princess slobbered and fought over my leftovers, which is strange for P., she never eats leftovers. As for me if I get a hankering for R.T.'s again I will go eat out of the bird feeder. Move over, feathered arses, a bigger arse is coming in!

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