Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Get Out The Supplements

I have a very bad habit of assuming everything that goes wrong with me is due to my MS, so my terrible RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) was accepted as normal. It wasn't until talking to my neurologist and her suggesting we test my iron levels that I even suspected my "cricket legs" (as I call them--I have to rub and rub my legs on the sheets in bed to get a few minutes respite until the Requip kicks in) was being made worse by something other than my MS. Who knew that a person with MS could have a veritable plethora of other things wrong besides their MS?! My levels of iron came back very low (I don't eat meat, which can't help) and now I am taking iron and feeling much better. My RLS is still here but not as bad and it has helped with my fatigue. But all that is nothing compared to the shock of realizing I can't blame MS for everything. Darn, I was ready to blame all sorts of stuff on it, too, like lung cancer (because I have MS, I can't possibly get lung cancer from smoking! Pass the unfiltered ones, please), my speeding (my legs are numb, duh!), my fat arse (I'm too tired), the list goes on and on...

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