Monday, November 5, 2007

Goodbye Pigs In A Blanket!

HA! I knew I should have bet my little sister but she would not put up any money. She said that I would not use my membership to the Y for anything other than swimming with Princess, and she was dead wrong! I dropped P off at school and went straight to the Y and worked out for almost an hour. It was great; no kids hanging off me, listening to music and feeling the burn. I tried on this dress I was thinking of wearing for Halloween (I was going to be a fortune teller but ended up not dressing up) and it was so tight and hideous my husband said my butt looked like pigs in a blanket--this coming from a man who has now reached his top weight ever and looks like a muffin rising out of its muffin paper. I have had enough of being out of shape, I miss my old jeans and being long and lean. I am not trying to get back to my old weight, because I feel so much better now than I did then, but I want to get in shape. Plus I don't want my muscles to lose what they have, I don't want to be so stiff and I love the feeling from working out. I always feel better when I have some kind of exercise in my life--love those endorphins. I am going to make this weight gain a footnote in the (boring) history of my life. Anyone want to bet me??

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