Friday, November 2, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

You can say what you want about good cheer, kind feelings, gift giving, family gatherings, etcetera, but I know what is the best thing about this time of the year: holiday coffee creamers. Forget school programs or the first snowfall, when I see those holiday creamers back in the store it fills me with tiding of joy. Peppermint Mocha is probably my favorite, but I don't want to cause any hard feelings because I love them all. Gingerbread smells so good it makes me want to bake cookies. Whoever said you cannot buy happiness has never tried Eggnog, it is pure happiness in a plastic container. Pumpkin Spice had me feeling so jolly the other morning I bought a rolling pin to make my pies this year, thus giving the mason jars a break. Let the leaves fall, snows come, crabby shoppers fill the stores, they mean nothing compared to my creamers. I only wish they were available throughout the year, but I guess the season would lose its magic for me then. I can handle the hideous gifts from my husband's granny as long as I have my holiday creamers to console me and get me ready to return the pile of crap I am sure to get.

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