Sunday, November 4, 2007

Need... Books...

I don't know about anyone else, but if I don't have a book to read it makes me crazy. I finished my last book last night and that ended my pile that I wanted to get through. Without a book to read I just can't settle down into anything. I get restless, pace, can't find anything that will hold my interest, its not a pretty sight. Sadly, the library does not open until 1pm on Sundays so I am going to have to find things to do until then. I have a laundry pile that has snow forming on top and leaves all over the place that I want to suck up, I just hope those chores can hold me until 1. Me without a book is akin to a man dragging himself through the desert looking for water, I don't crawl on my stomach but I feel just as lost. I guess I will have to go kick the people that are trying to plant a flag on the top of my laundry pile off so I can finish it and then attack the leaves. It has been so windy that my leaf piles keep shifting. I had a good pile there for awhile then the wind blew it away and made it someone else's problem. The wind kicked up again and brought me somebody else's pile, so I guess I deserved it for getting joy out of seeing my leaves blow away. Okay, now I am just killing time until I can go to the library.

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