Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Whad Ya Do To Your Leg?"

The timeless beauty of those words moves me every time I hear them... and hear them I do--a lot. Sometimes I wish it were that simple, a sprained ankle, broken foot or leg instead of launching into the whole MS thing. And saints-preserve-us if they have a relative with MS also, I will never get away. I will need to hear the whole history of their MS, how it is affecting them and their (the talkers) take on the whole thing. Its not that I don't care about MS, and that I don't want to educate people, but sometimes I don't have the time (or inclination) to go into it all. I especially hate when the asker is someone who is cashing me out and they hang onto my bag until I have gone through it all. When I see somebody looking desperate for the bathroom I don't ask if it is number 1 or 2. I also don't ask other people with walking issues what happened to them. If I have learned nothing else from MS at least I have learned that we are all people trapped in bodies that don't want to work the way we want them to.


EC James said...

Irreverence! And wit! This blog is beautiful.

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Keith Landrum said...

Hello again,
Commenting late again it seems, I also commented on your post about nobody touch me, I'm diseased. I've considered copying and pasting definition of, symptoms of, and any other relevant information into a word document and printing out sheafs of them to carry around to hand out to people who want me to educate them on MS, so I dont have to waste my valuable time explaining it to them what MS is. You should consider that.
Again, best wishes,
Keith Landrum