Monday, November 5, 2007


I am signed up on too many different sites under even more names, amongst those my favorite is Deathbreath--a bright idea after an all-consuming addiction to Rampage. We all fight over who gets the Deathbreath because it is so darn helpful, and its fun to tell people. If I get a phone call while playing, "Can't talk now, I've got DEATHBREATH!" Both my sisters know what this means, only my parents may not understand, and anyone who has never heard of Rampage before, which means you have lived your life under a grub infested rock pile. (I got sidetracked talking about Rampage.... gives me a real yearning to go play some RAAAAMPAGE.... must resist the pull of Deathbreath...) But all this was not my point, my point is that I have been looking for some people and can't seem to find them. I can't remember anybody's age anymore it seems, so haj, if you read this I have been meaning to write back to you but can't find you anywhere and lost your email somehow. There may be some others but I was trying to find all my foster kids to add to my friends list (the ones old enough that is, all 4 of them), and only need haj still. As for other people, just because I didn't mention you does not mean I don't want to be your friend or hear from you, I just don't want any of my old foster kids to feel left out when they see I have everyone else on my friends list, and a sex shop--can't forget that.

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