Friday, November 2, 2007

Did Anyone Find My Nap?

Most days it is right here, on this couch nestled in my special nappy quilt. But I can't find it anywhere and that is odd. The only thing I found in this quilt was a naughty quilt that wanted to squeeze the dog's nose and that is always a sure sign that there is no nap for me. The dog loves it, or maybe hates it, I don't know. He hates having his nose squeezed but loves to wrestle and play rough. My gardening gloves have a thing for squeezing his nose too, so he will run off with any glove that he can get and destroy it before it can get to his nose. My dog is smarter than he wants anyone to know, but he has never figured out that it is not the glove that is guilty, and I am not going to tell him any different. Come to think of it, he hates if I put on gloves to go outside when its cold too. Whenever I bring in wood he chases my gloves and barks circles around me so the whole neighborhood knows that I am outside. I really wanted a nap but this bad quilt can't seem to leave the dog alone and he tore a few new holes in it to show it how he feels about the squeeze. Oh well, if anyone finds my nap please send it straight home to me or I may have to go do something productive. EEEEK!!

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