Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Used Bread Store

I love the Used Bread Store (or Day Old Bread Store, or maybe Discount Bread? I'm not sure what its real name is, and "used bread" rolls off the tongue better.). I love the smell when you first walk in; if I could get candles that smelled like that I would bask in that smell all day happily. I don't really have a sweet tooth and almost never eat anything chocolate, not being much of a fan, but I love to go there anytime I need a loaf of bread and nothing else. I buy sweets for others in my house, but not for me, I just love that smell of collected goodies. I love the great buys, I love the selection, I love that if you buy $3 worth of stuff they give you a big bag of too old bread to take to the duck pond here and feed to the ducks, I love that they know me and when they see me they will always give me several bags, and sometimes even hold more back for me, which I know because once I saw one of the ladies out and about and she told me she had a bunch of bread set aside for me because she knew it was getting about time for me to come in again. I love the sight of all those chocolate, powdered, and glazed donuts. I love the smell of all the Zingers, pies, cinnamon breads, cupcakes, coffee cakes, sweet rolls and Twinkies. The only thing I buy for myself is a loaf of french bread and maybe a loaf of cinnamon and raisin bread to make french toast with, once in awhile some English muffins if I am feeling really crazy. I let Princess pick some stuff out and grab some stuff for my husband, I'm glad somebody likes sweets because I would hate to not have a reason to go there.

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