Tuesday, November 13, 2007


You can say what you want about Newsweek, People, Time, National Enquirer etcetera but I live for my Multiple Sclerosis magazines. Sure, those earlier mentioned periodicals may have a broader appeal, but nothing makes me squeal with anticipated joy quite like an MS magazine. I was just thinking to myself that it had been awhile since my last one when my husband came in with the mail and there was my MSQR looking more enthralling than I had dared to imagine. I don't know if you get it, but on the cover was a picture of 3 different kinds of pills and the words, "Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis Relapses." I was overjoyed--I thought they finally had an option for relapses besides those hideous IV steroids, which I hate more than anything else that involves MS. You know that saying, "from the top of the world to the depths of hell," well I felt it when I turned to the article the cover was referencing and saw the only picture--hands holding an IV bag of steroids. What a horrible joke to play on someone; talk about false advertising. And I am sorry to admit that this fool fell right into the trap.

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