Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kids' Books

I had to wait for Princess to go to bed to write about this--sometimes she does not understand that when she makes me laugh I am not laughing at her. She gets shy and embarrassed when I get too much amusement from her. Like for Halloween she was a vampire and when she put her teeth in, it looked so funny and cute it kept making me laugh. She thought I was laughing because she looked silly and got all shy about the fangs.

Tonight she finished a book that she has been working on the past few days and wanted me to read it. She has been plugging away on my desktop pc trying to get down the first draft with all the details that she did not want to forget. I took it outside with me when I let the dog out because I was afraid I would be bored or too amused and either way I did not want to hurt her feelings. She started it out by talking about a school that had been built "ages ago," and those ages amounted to 5 years, which makes me positively prehistoric. She centered the action around a secret passageway that was made out of "pure-real-gold" because I can only assume pure-fake-gold would be too cheap sounding. But the best part, the part that made me glad I was out of hearing range, was when she described the fantastic places the secret passageway took these 3 fifth graders in their ancient 5-year-old school. She puzzled for a long time over what would be "awesome" enough for their adventures and came up with The Great Wall Of China, a dinosaur adventure, a length of time on Jupiter (complete with 64 moons! I had forgotten that little fact), a trip into her favorite book, Charlotte's Web, where they each became a character, and finally, a natural history museum in Detroit, MI. That last one threw me for a loop, I didn't see it coming from a mile away and never would have lumped that in with Jupiter, dinosaurs and The Great Wall. Good thing is only the neighbors and dog heard me laughing.

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