Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Quit

If there are more errors than coherent thoughts in this post, it is due to lack of sleep. I got 5 hours of sleep last night. 5! That's all. Not 6. Nowhere near 7. And 8 sounds like a slice of heaven I will never taste. The big dog was whining in my room at about 3:30am to be let outside and pinch one off. I get up and let him out thinking he will do his bidness and come right back. Really, how long can it take a dog to defecate? I should have known that men cannot poop fast. He was probably out in the back yard reading the newest copy of Dog Fancy while I waited impatiently to go back to bed. He finally empties his bowels and comes back inside. I head back to bed hoping to get a few more hours of sleep before I attack the day (or am attacked by the day, take your pick). While I was pacing, waiting for the dog to come back, one of the cats had gotten up on my bed and dropped 2 little nuggets of feces as a loving gift for me. I will never complain about getting dead rodents again if that is the alternative gift. I grab some paper towels, pluck that off my blanket -- luckily it was an old ratty blanket that I use to cover the quilt my grandmother made for me -- and rip that blanket off my bed and ball it up, tainted side in, and stuff it in the corner where it cannot pollute anything else. By now it is almost 4am, but being the eternal optimist that I am, I am still hoping for a little more sleep. Ha ha and HA! The cat that dropped those nuggets for me was still under the bed and the little dog and that $%&@ cat started fighting under the bed while I tossed and turned on top of the bed, trying to cover my ears and drown out the sound. A little after 4, I realize that my eyelids are not going to close again anytime soon, so I get out of bed and make me a STRONG pot of coffee.

I have stopped napping during the day and make myself go all day long until I am ready to collapse with fatigue, yet I still can't get any sleep. Some days I am so incredibly tired I start to fall asleep on the couch. Think I still get a decent amount of sleep? Hells NO! I was thinking maybe I need to go do a sleep study to see if something is going on while I am trying to sleep that is keeping me from finding any sleep in my bed. Does anybody else have this problem? And if so, what do/did you do for it? I don't want to take any sleeping pills, but I am starting to think maybe I should. I feel so ragged/haggard/worn out etc. and would love LOVE LOVE to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Me and my eternal optimism.


Webster said...

Um, Doggie having to go isn't something you can plan for - or prevent. It happens now and then.
However, you might want to consider banning pets from your room at night. Give them a bed right outside your door. Just a thought.

Heather said...

I too long for 7-8 hours asleep but my problem is a 1 year old who is teething. I told my husband I take 2 hour naps throughout the night. Oh,so tired!

I like Webster's idea about banning the pets from your room. Shut the door!

Lisa Emrich said...

Thumbs up to sleeping pills. When needed, oh so helpful.


The regular sleepers don't mix well with this insomniac...I've found combining Klonopin and Xanax in low doses (one is shorter acting, one is longer acting) will usually do the trick for me. But there is always that sometimes dreaded drug hang over. Of course, the hang over beats the hell out of ME beating the hell out of someone because of lack of sleep!

Feel for ya, BB...I do.