Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hey, Guys, Are You Stiff?

Because I am, and I'm not even a man. But why quibble about little details? I am too tired, stiff, sore and bruised (I think I now have bruises on my bruises) to be argumentative. After 2 days of moving and still more moving looming over our heads, we are all dead tired and completely wiped out. I am probably the best off because MS hinders my ability to do as much as everyone else, which makes me feel guilty to be the weakest link. I have been eating ibuprofen and Ritalin like candy just to keep upright and do what I can to help out. I am so ridiculously stiff I have been pondering taking more Baclofen so that I can bend somewhat normally -- for an MSer that is. I can't remember which commenters said that Neurotin makes them loopy (forgive my lack of memory, Father, for I have cognitive problems) but taking even slightly more Baclofen than what I am now accustomed to makes me loopy. I don't know if I can stress the loopy enough, but here goes:

Sugarbowl: Where did the frying pan go?

Blindbeard: Get these garden tools out of the bathroom, they take up too much room.

My Mom: Does the little dog always sleep in bed with you?

Blindbeard: I'll take the New York strip, well done with a baked potato with butter and sour cream, please. No eggs, I don't like eggs.

Princess: Can you move over so I can share the couch with you?

Blindbeard: You'll have to put gas in the tank if you take my car.

Princess: But I can't drive!

Blindbeard: Then make sure you scrub the tub extra good.

Older Sister: Do you mind if I come use your Internet while we are waiting for Internet at our new house?

Blindbeard: Sure, but we don't get all the movie channels.

And so on. In fact, I'm pretty sure those conversations are a direct transcript of what was really said. I could really use the extra Baclofen right now, but I'm not sure I want to descend into Wonderland because I am no Alice.


Jen said...

Baclofen also made me a bit loopy, and I wasn't even taking as much of that as the Morontin. Also mostly taking it before bed for the jimmy legs, so I appreciated the drowsy effect. Right now I find that red wine kills a whole variety of MS evils.

I've been using the term "assmaster" incessantly. I think I've got PMDD.

Beth said...

I'm not sure if I should laugh or be I'll just giggle a little bit and pray for you later :)


Hey, that extra bit of baclofen sounds like a nice little trip. Just make sure that Sugarbowl doesn't pack you up with the linens.