Monday, April 6, 2009

More Search Terms

They just keep getting better! I have this brief time -- a calm before the storm, so to speak -- before everyone gets up and we start moving. (By the way, I find my "Keywords" by going to my analytics and choosing Traffic Sources then Keywords from there. I highly suggest you do it because it is too much fun for anyone to miss out on.) Ready for Round 2? Well, too bad, because I am!

14 year old girl I just want to be held

No, seriously, that was on there. And just like this searcher, I, too, have a 14 year old girl in me that just wants to be held, but don't we all?

It's hard to breathe with a knife sticking out of your back

Isn't it though? Wait, what kind of knife are we talking about? A literal knife in the back or one thrust there by a 2 faced hag? Or just MS pain? I think I have all of the above.

girdle me tightly

Sorry, I try not to girdle anyone, tightly or not. This one makes me want to sing, "girdling me tightly with his song..."

I'm about ready to collapse at work and didn't get any sleep last night

My only job is being a maid for my roomies, so when I feel like I am on the verge of collapse, I take up residency on the couch. I don't get much sleep at night either; only as much as my pain meds allow me to get -- 6 on a good night. My neurologist, well rested and pompous, told me she wanted me to get at least 7 hours a night and would really like me to get 8. Let me know how that works out for her, because it ain't working out for me.

I wear a sweatshirt to cover my bulge

Even in summer? Not sure you will find anything pertaining to that here, but good luck anyway.

On my cane -- blind

Not sure what you are looking for... assuming you aren't totally blind, because I don't have a Braille option, but I'm looking into it.

butt pain multiple sclerosis

The only butt pain I have right now is from my little sister doing the Rain Dance on my arse while I was laying on the floor trying to ease the pain in my chest by putting pressure on it. I was pinned and couldn't get up to kill her, but I got her back later. My mom has problems with sciatica from time to time, so maybe I could get her to start a blog, but she doesn't have MS, that came from my dad's side.

Multiple sclerosis I feel the need for speed t shirt

What a great idea for a t shirt! See, it's funny because I can't do anything with speed without hurting myself and I don't always think "speed" when I think of MS, quite the opposite actually.

older sister's wedgie pain

That gives me an idea. I'll let you know if I live through that experiment or not...


Bubbie said...

It's always fun to see what brought people to our blogs. Well, sometimes it's just disturbing...
I like the need for speed t-shirt. I could wear one with my mother's-little-helpers ball cap, and MS-is-a -pain-in -the butt sweat pants.

Diane J Standiford said...

hahahahaha Searching the www and here we are.

Denver Refashionista said...

LOL, in my classroom... I love the one about butt pain.