Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speechless: Moving Edition

*Author's Note: For some reason my stupid blog wants to display the wrong date on this post and I am too tired to mess with it or figure it out. I am not in my own time zone or trying to mess with your head, I just have a blog that won't work with me.

Until I can find anything in this mess of boxes, I won't be able to think straight -- not much change there. So, my pretties, until then I leave you with the following to ponder and hopefully come up with some answers to. (Side Note: I am putting together another "Dear Blindbeard" post and would love some more great letters/comments to use.)

*Which is worse: Moving everything or unpacking it all?

*How much crap does one person need?

*Why must we hoard everything and break out in hives at the thought of throwing anything away?

*How many times can one trip over the same thing and not think that it needs to be moved?

*How many meals in a row can one eat pizza and not gag at the thought of eating pizza again?

*Do kids break the sound barrier when running away from helping move/unpacking and putting away boxes of stuff?

*How long can I keep wearing the same dirty clothes before people start to notice?

*Will I ever find any clean clothes?

*Did anyone think to grab the razors when packing up the bathroom? Or the "adult" toothpaste? Bubble Gum toothpaste doesn't really make me feel like I have fresh breath.

*Is there a bed in my room or should I sleep on top of all these boxes?

Once again, I look forward to your answers.



Denver Refashionista said...

Keep wearing the dirty clothes while you are unpacking. Don't worry about a shower either. If you were left to deal with the mess, let others deal with you if your clothes and body get stinky. Force the kids to help whether they like it or not.

Webster said...

To change your date- Go to the Edit Posts mode, select the post in question and scroll to the end; under the post on the left is a "post options" link which gives you the chance to change the date. This is how some people write several posts at a time and schedule them to be published.

You're welcome :-),

Blindbeard said...

Wow, Webster, all I can say is, "10Q 10Q 10Q!"

Webster said...

You're welcome. I had to ask the same question once and Lisa of Brass and Ivory helped me. I'm just paying it forward. We all need help sometimes.


As always, your questions only create more questions for me...such as, "what defines crap from priceless pieces of noncrap?" Or "Who invented bubble gum flavored toothpaste and thought it was a good idea to use CANDY as a means of getting kids to brush the CANDY out of their mouths?"

Yes, you cause me to think deeply, BB...