Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Much To Do, So Much Time

Sometimes I think the reason I never get anything done is because I have too much time to get it done in. I have no deadlines to meet. If I don't get something done within a certain time frame, who would notice? Not my roomies, that is for sure. My list of projects that I want/need to get done just keeps growing and I get to them out of either pure boredom or pure frustration that they are taking up valuable space that I could be filling up with other useless crap that I may get around to some day. When one has nothing but time, it is hard to feel the pressure to accomplish anything. Some days I just want to lay on the couch, watch Jerry Springer (my favorite guilty pleasure even though I feel no guilt about it) and idly think about searching the bookshelves for a book I haven't read 500 times already (fat chance there).

We finally finished our move from the old sub-par pile of moldy crap that is ironically called a house, to our new house. All the keys were turned in to our old landlord and I felt a HUGE stress relief from knowing it is all done. I cleaned that house until it was restored to a condition that it hasn't been in since it was built, the same year I was born, because it apparently has not been rented to "clean" people for eons judging by the amount of grime and pet hairs that didn't match any of our pets that were goobered up in every available crack and crevice (I moved out all the appliances and such and was horrified that I did not do so sooner). Now that that is all done, I need to get back to the rest of my life which has been on hold while we were moving. On my To Do List, which I really need to get done very soon are the following:

*Dye my damn hair. It needs it so bad. My natural dirty dishwater blonde has taken over and it is time I get back to my "summer" color, which is a lighter blonde than I go in winter. I need to get a haircut (and get a real job) badly. My hair is so woolly and out of control yet I can't seem to find the time to get my hair cut. I feel like a wild mountain woman who has not had her hair trimmed in years and that is not a look I enjoy.

*Go grocery shopping. We are now in contest with Old Mother Hubbard to see who's cupboards are most bare, and I think we are in the lead. We didn't want to have to move a bunch of food so we stopped grocery shopping for awhile. Then while we were moving nobody had the energy to make proper nutritional meals, so we lived on frozen pizzas. Now that it is all done, there ain't a damn thing to eat in this house. No matter how many times I check the fridge and deep freeze, nothing materializes to save the day and become a decent meal. In fact, as soon as I am done here I am going grocery shopping, a task that I abhor with every fiber of my being, but a task that has to be done regardless of how I feel about it. I can't let Sugarbowl do the shopping because she buys too much junk food and I don't eat that stuff. She also has a raging sweet tooth and I do not, and I don't think we need any more candy in this house, there is too much already. Damn the Easter candy that went uber cheap and Sugarbowl's lack of control when she sees cheap candy!

*I have got to start unpacking and putting things away. Our house is a maze of boxes that I'm not sure even the smartest rat could figure out. I am so tired of tripping over stuff and not being able to find a thing. I looked for the peanut butter way too long yesterday and that is unacceptable. (I found it finally so a major massacre was avoided.)

*I need to get up to Princess' room and check to make sure it has not gotten any worse, as if it could! I check her room every Friday and make her clean it if it does not pass inspection, which it usually does not. My room is such a mess that I haven't had the time to worry about any one else's.

*Finally, I need to pull out the machete and find my way to the garage to get the lawn mower and start mowing. You might be able to see the roof over the rain forest that is our yard, but that is very doubtful.

Well, I am off to get something done with all this time I have. Sure hope I can get it all done in the time frame of FOREVER, and the couch and Jerry Springer do not try to lure me back to them.

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Jen said...

This talk is all too eerily familiar. Must be thinking of my own "freelance" schedule, for lack of a better term.