Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick Note

*Update: I forgot to mention that the reason my little sister is holding on to me is because I am sitting on the very edge of that bench, almost falling off. That picture was taken at my Grandmother's 90th birthday party, 2 years ago, which is why I am wearing Uggs. Except for the moon face, I look pretty much the same. I keep meaning to get a more recent picture of myself but never seem to be ready for picture day.

I should have said this before but I am the one with a hat on, in black in the picture. I thought the stiff way I am sitting and looking so uncomfortable would give it away. I had just done the steroids about a month before that picture, so I still have the "moon face" from them, but I don't have too many recent pictures that wouldn't sizzle the hair off your heads if I posted them. I have had this strange body dismorphia almost from the very beginning of my MS. I have a hard time getting my body in the "right" position anymore. I can't figure out how I used to sit and it drives me crazy because I end up looking like I sat on a poker. The other one is my little sister and she hates that picture -- she says we look like lovers, not sisters. But this is my blog not her's.


pUNKrOCKfairy said...

Moon face or no, I think you look quite cute! I like your hat and sensible shoes too. :)

Denver Refashionista said...

I think you look good in the picture. At first I did think that your sister was your lover though until I read about your ex.