Thursday, September 11, 2008

Death's Door

Update: Why is it that when I am sick I never lose my appetite and only crave sweets & junk food? Why can't I crave carrot sticks or oranges? Instead I had to make a batch of cookies before I chewed a hole in the wall.

All week I have been taking care of the sick people who live in this house with me, so it is only natural that today I feel like a plague infested rat that has an overweight elephant sitting on her chest. I think it is just allergies (my ex-husband said he heard on the news that the allergies this year are the worst they have been in a long time, with the ragweed out of control) but that is a small consolation when one feels so cruddy. I don't want to complain too much about allergies because mine are very mild and usually don't mess with me much beyond a day or two when they are really bad. If mine are bothering me, others must really be suffering. But I do feel bad enough to wear ugly, comfy shorts, a worn out but soft T-shirt, and an ugly but comfortable brassier. I plan to catch up on all your blogs, work on some things of mine that I have been neglecting lately, and read till my eyeballs fall out. I may loll around in bed for the majority of the day too if I can get this elephant off my chest. And when I am back from death's door, I will be back to posting my usual junk. FYFI: I am working on my superhero costume for Halloween and other situations that call for it. I already told my family that I was going to be a superhero for Halloween. It is a big change from my usual costume of the living dead -- I am so perfect for that, walking just like a zombie would.


Kimberly said...

I hope you feel better. I personally can't wait to see a pic of you in your super hero costume! Sending healing vibes your way!

Denver Refashionista said...

Enjoy the rest. I'm envious. I hope you feel better soon.