Friday, May 29, 2009

Who Are You And What Have You Done With My REAL Neurologist?!

Has there been a recent increase in alien abductions in the Nebraska area? Should I go check the fields for crop circles? See if "send us more neurologists" has been written in the budding corn crops? I have no other explanation for why my neurologist has done a complete 180 and turned into a good neurologist other than she has had an anal probe done recently and got that annoying stick out of her hind quarters. I still can't wrap my head around it. I had an appointment with her yesterday and she was wonderful! I left there feeling good about her and myself. It is all so strange... I have almost never felt good about myself since my diagnosis. Maybe she got tired of my outspoken butt head ways, heard the grinding of the whet store as I sharpened my claws for attack, and decided she wanted to keep my private insurance money so she changed her ways. I don't know what happened but I like it. If this continues I may have to add her as a friend on one of the social networking sites I am on and start instant messaging her. I could send her a bunch of those annoying face things and we could talk sh*t about the nurses and doctors in her office.

She was so good and took everything I had to say seriously, even accepting my problems and acknowledging that I knew my body so it had to be as I said it was. She didn't try to tell me that what I am feeling is not what I am feeling and took it as fact. I poured out my heart to her and we worked out a plan of action to get me where we would like me to be. I am going to go to a pain management clinic to see what can be done and if there are other meds and things I can do to help me get some semblance of relief. I am also going to participate in a balance study where I go in and get assessed, then follow an exercise regimen and see if it helps. I will get a free membership to a local MS health club -- yes, I will be hobnobbing with other MSers -- and do their exercises to see how it helps my balance, if at all. Because I am so poor, I was considering quitting Tysabri and talked to her about going back on Copaxone. My co-pay for Tysabri is almost $400 a month while my co-pay with Copaxone is $5 a month. She does not want me to go off Tysabri because of my history of so many horrible attacks, so she is going to call the hospital where I get my infusions and see about getting me some financial aid. I told her the story of when I was using my little sister's arm for support and that ^&#%* woman asked us if we were gays and my response to her question and she got a huge laugh out of it. She told me I should be glad that I am not that woman because that is worse than having MS. I had to agree with her.

It is all so strange. I don't know what happened to my REAL neurologist, but if you find her, please do not return her. I am enjoying this new and improved neurologist so much more.


Kimberly said...

That's great. Enjoy her while it lasts. Hopefully it's a "forever" kind of change. Have you contacted your local MS chapter about money available to help with your co-pays? They usually WILL help. Perhaps the answer to the change in your Neurologist is simple....she had chocolate before you saw her! LOL I'd love to have a chance to chat with you about Tysabri (Heck I can't even spell it). My Neurologist announced to me when he sent me to rehab he wants me to start it.


they are sneaky like that...I wouldn't necessarily drop your guard...yet. LOL

Sarah said...

If you are talking about Fast Forward gym they are an amazing bunch of people. Hopefully the study will help. Before I quit going they had put up a poster after the first study was completed. It seemed to have some pretty good results. I'm not sure if this is the same place but either way it will probably be beneficial!