Sunday, May 10, 2009

Party In My CNS

Every body's coming. I enjoy that "joke" better than the worn out "party in your mouth" saw that usually goes with the first 3 words of this post, but that is just me. I haven't gotten any sleep the last few days because there has been a regular hootenanny going on in my CNS. The invitations were sent out, everyone RSVPed and the bouncers at my Blood Brain Barrier were very lax about who they let in. I've spent the last few nights keeping time with the beat of the different aches and pains that decided I need rest about as much as I need a penis dangling from my arm pit. Ache around my left eye, stab on the right side of my face, squeeze of my MS hug, over and over again. You could count out the dance steps as they were happening. Swing your partner, doe-si-doe, stomp on her face, cramp those toes! Ache, stab, squeeze, ache, stab, squeeze... all night long! I'm trying to be less of a crabby shellfish ice hole, but it is hard when your CNS decides to party all night for 4 nights in a row. The Tysabri police need to shut that party down because the neighbors are complaining and thinking of starting a petition to have them evicted and I would like to add my signature to that petition RIGHT NOW! The only thing keeping me functioning during daylight hours are my old trusty friends Ritalin. At least there is someone in my corner. I'm starting to feel left out by not having received an invitation to the killer party going on in my CNS.

Sorry if this makes no sense. The Living Dead don't always make too much sense and I feel like a zombie right now. I stumble to the coffee pot to make myself some strong coffee just to string a few words together that I can call a post, avoid napping so maybe I will get some sleep at night, then curse my pain meds that aren't doing their job and abandon me to my pain way too early in the night, presumably to join the raging party because it is more fun than sleeping. I would take more pain meds but I am already at the high end of my dosage and do not want to overdose... not just yet anyway, but it is starting to look really good right now. I bet I would get some great sleep 6 feet under.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel a bit better as the day goes on.

It is good that you can take a look at life with humour... I really enjoy reading your posts.

Sheila said...

For what it's worth, it makes perfect sense to me. I hope the party ends soon.

Denver Refashionista said...

You manage to have a sense of humor even in this situation. You are one tough cookie.


"A penis dangling from my armpit"??? Seriously...I nearly asphyxiated myself with saliva on that one!

I can so relate...I'm not sure it's so much a party in my CNS going on right now as much as a revolution. The gods are angered.

If you discover anything short of overdose on pain meds that helps with the nerve pain, do share...I'm with you, I'm not against you!