Monday, May 4, 2009

Garage Sale

Sugarbowl and I got into a HUGE fight yesterday because I f*cked up. We are renting my older sister's house and the neighbor came over and said she told him they could have her old basketball hoop because nobody uses it anymore. I pointed out where the basketball hoop was, not realizing that it was not my older sister's but Sugarbowl's. Sugarbowl was at work and I didn't think there was a problem because if someone comes over and says my older sister told them they could have something of her's, I will hand it over. Princess told me, right after it happened and she saw them wheeling it down the street, that it was their basketball hoop I just gave away. I didn't know it wasn't my older sister's; I thought Sugarbowl's hoop was in the garage. When Sugarbowl came home and we told her what happened, her eyeballs about popped out of her head and she lost her temper, which is easily lost. She wanted me to get down on my knees and beg for forgiveness and I wanted her to shut her dirty pie hole about it because it is done and my older sister said we could have their's, which is in better condition anyway. She accused me of giving away all her crap as soon as she leaves the house and left for work while we were both still furious with each other. Not being one to simmer quietly, I texted her and let her know that I was having a garage sale and to see if she wanted to buy any of her crap. She texted me back to let me know how much she hates me, as if I care! I actually enjoy a good fight. I find that it clears the air and lets off any steam that has been building up. When she got home, still not talking to me, I asked her if she was still being a bitch and she asked me if I was still being an assh*le. I told her I was and we both laughed and she started talking to me again. She wanted to know if I made any money from my garage sale and I told her I just gave all her crap away so her room is now clean. Being the hoarder that she is, I will be having another garage sale soon, so come early if you need more useless junk in your life.

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