Monday, May 25, 2009


Because I talk about it too much, here are some pictures from my recent wanderings. If you are not as much of a history geek as me, I understand and will not be offended if this post puts you to sleep. But for those of you who love to trespass as much as I do, feast your eyes! For the record, I never take anything, especially from a ghost town due to the old wives' tale that it will bring bad luck. And we all know that we MSers do not need any more bad luck. They are an old school house, gas station and an old store. Now I need to shower and get ready to wander some more! Tootles, BB.


Kimberly said...

The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing. I'm a big photographer (although you wouldn't know it by my blog). I'll have to start posting some of mine!


reminds me of "home"...thanks