Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hodge Podge

So many odds and ends and so little to make into a post of one subject. Guess I've never let that stop me from getting on here and spewing a bunch of malarkey before, so why start now? I know, I'm such a wild and crazy woman. And away they go!

*Attack Of The Money Sucking Flea Market is now playing in my neck of the woods. Don't bother to go and see it because you might get a good deal on some useless crap that I want and I can't let that happen. No matter how full my house is, I always need more useless crap in my life. Sugarbowl and I have not gotten any sleep the last 2 days because we can't wait to race down the road to the flea market and shop for ticks (sorry, bad joke, but it was right there, in my face, staring me down). When we got home yesterday we pulled out all our spoils from the day and piled them up in the middle of the living room so we could feast our eyes on them and talk about what a great deal we got on some of the stuff that is worth more than what we paid. Today is the last day which means that the purveyors will be even more willing to wheel and deal, because that beats having to haul it all back, and we will be there to help them lighten the load they have to haul home.

*I'm still not feeling great. After getting over the desire to spew my guts over everyone and everything in this house, I now am combating a sore throat and splitting headache. I'm supposed to do Tysabri tomorrow but think I'm going to call off.

*Sugarbowl, in her unending quest to plague the sh*t out of me, got herself some Sugar Gliders. I was angry at first because we are already an operating petting zoo, but she agreed that there will be no more pets brought into this house or I will start getting rid of some of hers. They were cute at first, but when we found out that the noises they make are LOUD, their cuteness dissipated quickly until they now are nothing more then vermin to me. They do this loud barking thing at night that sounds like a little yippy dog, the kind that makes your eardrums bleed from the sound of their bark. They did that for 22 minutes! BARK... 10 second interval... BARK... 20 seconds... BARK... 5 seconds... BARK... 25 seconds and I start to think it is all over... BARK! This all happened at 3:30 am. I never hurt animals, but after all that I started daydreaming about plastic bags sealed around 2 annoying Sugar Gliders...

A closing song for you. In the tune of Jingle Bells:

Off to the flea market
To shop for useless crap!
How many booths can I get through
Before I need my nap?

Ohhhh, jingle bells,
The flea market sells
Useless crap all day!
Up all night
Dying to wheel and deal
So get your ass out of my way, HEY!


Kimberly said...

ROFLMAO. That's one of the reasons I ready your can take any subject and just crack me up. Remember one thing today.....STEP AWAY FROM THE ZIP LOCKS!

Herrad said...


What are sugargliders and what do they look like?

Laughed so much at the plastic bags that I cried and splattered my glasses so can hardly see now.

Great fun, thanks.


Jen said...

All right, BB---

Ever the practical entrepreneur: spotted an opening at for a journalist for the new Fleamarkets /Yardsales topic: Writer needed with experience in said areas and also a creative knack for decorating with said items (think Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic empire.)

***If interested, get your candy-butt over there and apply. Don't make me fly out there and kick it for you. Take your mom's wise advice and get back out there....LOL.....Tough love, but someone here needs (to have the balls) to say it.

PS: I also like to yell at Linda (BC) and Weebs on Facebook in this manner. Keeps 'em on the straight and narrow path....

....Actually bought a Shabby Chic pillow at Target the other day. Trying to "girlify" my own crab shack. It's round and has a feminine floral-patterned slipcover with fabric-covered buttons. Very pretty and so UNLIKE my usual selections.

Enough yammering now....

Herrad said...


Have a look at my blog for your award.
Please pass it on to 5 other b logs.


ps just read the bit about the sugar gliders to my darling Richie and could not read for howling with laughter and could not see cos of the tears, thanks for the fun

Lisa Emrich said...

Confession time, miss Blindbeard.

I've been hoarding your posts for far too long. It's my dirty little secret. Just like Sugarbowl's hoarding you mentioned in the Garage Sale post, which btw is interesting to read just after this one with regard to treasures, you just sometimes have to bring things out to sell.

Wait a minute. It's not like I can sell any of your saved up posts, now can I? But you could....take Jen's advice, she might be onto something.

She's wise, she's strong and she's got the balls to tell everyone what to do to keep on track. (Thank you Jen)


It's true, dear sister twin separated at birth because you were the cuter of the two...Jen DOES viciously yell at me on FaceButt!!! And, unfortunately, I secretly derive great pleasure from this in a Sadist-Masochistic kind of way.

"Sugarbowl", "Sugar Gliders"...I think it's time to start bringing some artificial SWEETENER into your home. I'm just sayin'...