Thursday, October 25, 2007

You Might Be Glad To Know...

I set up this whole blog so anyone can comment or look around and remain anonymous. Not that I had much choice, it was a yes or no question and I didn't want to limit myself to only people who have an account on here. I have a little counter thing that keeps track of hits, like myspace does, and even gives me some fancy pie graphs that come in your choice of colors, but those are not too damning for anyone. I hate sites that track people or make you have an account to do anything. I also hate cherry flavored anything. And malted milk candies. OK, I'm done.

*Author's note: I hate caterpillars too, and lotions that smell like food, and itchy clothes, but that is all.

*Author's note II: and people who talk loudly in the library, uncomfortable bras, and tight jeans. I'm done now.

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