Tuesday, October 23, 2007

8 Out Of 9 Polled Prefer People With MS

Which is bad news for my husband, he campaigned hard for the youngest cat but she wasn't having any of it. Highlights of this most recent poll in my house show:

People with MS smell better. We just do, scientists are still trying to figure out this enigma.

MSers are better housekeepers and make the bed about 141% better than those without MS. This study found that non-MS persons tend to leave more wrinkles and bumps in the covers and sheets-- if they make the bed at all. The non-MSer does not get the dishes clean, over does the laundry detergent, washes delicates with work clothes, and cannot clean a toilet.

The "normal" person has a harder time putting toilet paper back on the dispenser when it runs out. On-going studies suspect there may be a misfiring in the brain that makes it difficult to realize that your ass is sitting there using up the last square so REPLACE IT. They also were less able to recognize when they needed to double flush. Also lacking was the basic understanding of when is the right time to use air freshener.

People with MS are much easier on the eyes. Again, they are not sure why but found that those polled would rather look at the person with MS than the one without.

Persons with MS are better bedfellows, they sleep sounder and are more comfortable to drape yourself on making a "dogpile" much more rewarding. They do not flop around like a fish out of water or throw you out of bed for hogging it all.

MSers have a better sense of humor. Their jokes average about 1000% more humorous and are much better story tellers. They were also more likely to be well read in this study because those polled do not work and frequent the library about once a week.

Lastly, they brush their teeth more regularly, do not tend to forget deodorant, have less gas and look better in a bikini than the non-MS person in this study.

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