Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Bean By Any Other Name

All day my husband and I have been arguing a certain point. I made ham and bean soup today and he and I can not agree on what it is or should be.

He: It is ham and bean soup.
She: It is ham and bean soup.
He: You crumble up the cornbread and put it over it and eat it as one dish.
She: The cornbread goes on a separate plate and is eaten with it, as two dishes.
He: Less juice!
She: Its soup! Its supposed to be that way!
He: No, it is ham and beans.

It just keeps going around and around. I would ask what others think, but I have no hopes of any one actually voting... but if you want to, what do you think? Is it ham and bean soup or ham and bean soup, or are we both stupid?


Mel said...

It's SOUP of course. Duh :)

Blindbeard said...

Thank you, I knew it!