Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catching The MS

My little sister pissed me off recently; she told me that she would rather have to depend on machines to keep her alive then have an organ transplant from me, if it ever came down to that. Her reasoning was that because there was no proof that she would not develop MS from my organs, she would rather not take a chance. She had the nerve to be shocked that it made me mad. I told her that if my own family was so ignorant, what hope did I have for the rest of the world to view me as not contagious or not needing to be quarantined (as much as I love the thought of putting a "QUARANTINED sign on my front door)? I already know how kids see people like me, but I had naively hoped adults would be a little more informed--silly me. I make a point of buying good candy for Halloween because I don't want to be the crazy gimp lady that gives out the crappy stuff that pisses kids off. I told my husband that I was the kind of person that kids would not want to take candy from because they might catch what I caught--I was the same way as a kid. I remember avoiding certain houses where the people were smelly, scary, or just plain weird, and not wanting to eat that candy. But I must admit I get a ton of pleasure as dressing up as a zombie each year. I already walk like one and we live just down the street from a bone yard... although this year I was really feeling like being Miss Havisham. Nothing like a bitter dried up old maid to really scare the kids, or adults for that matter. One of these Halloweens I am going to be a bog body and give out some nasty, dark, tarry candy--after I cough on one piece to give to my little sister.

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