Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Under Construction

I would have liked to put "Men At Work" as the title because it conjures up much more pleasant thoughts than "under construction", especially as I have a splitting headache and am waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in. I am starting my own MS blog for the sole reason that I need a place where I can talk about my MS without wondering if I am boring others and also because I have a lot to say--guess that is two reasons, oh well. So by naming it an MS blog one knows that it is about MS. I blog like a mad woman on my myspace page, but try not to talk about MS too much; I needed an outlet for all things MS-like in my world. Also, as usual I welcome all thoughts, comments and such, on anything, not just MS. I am going to try to put this page together as quickly as I can so I can continue on my quest to say everything I need to say before I die--its going to be a close race.

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