Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Blindbeard: The Agree To Disagree Edition

Sometimes you just gotta agree to disagree. These are a few of those times. But it doesn't mean I love you any less or that you are any less adorable, because every one knows that you are adorable!

Dear Blindbeard,

Frankly, I disagree with your perspective on the parking lot encounter. I just think that guy was, in his way, looking out for us all. So many people cheat and illegally use those parking placards. [I know, because my brother took mine for awhile before I caught him and took it back.] There aren't many handicapped parking police, so we have to keep an eye out for each other. Can you really say you were so offended by his simple query?

BTW, back in the day when my disability was invisible, someone actually spit on my windshield when I was in the store. Another time I was yelled at from across a parking lot. It's hard to explain under those circumstances, but I just take the bad along with the good, and appreciate having the privilege of close parking.


Dear Beautiful Webster,

I really can say I was VERY offended by his simple query because it all boils down to one thing for me: IT IS NO ONE'S BUSINESS WHAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE WRONG WITH ME! In fact, if he too "is like me" and has good days and bad days, shouldn't he of all people understand that even though to him I seem "so able" that maybe, just maybe, I have a similar problem to his? We have all seen people park in handicapped and thought that they sure didn't look like they needed it, but since being diagnosed, I now assume that they must have something wrong that is not apparent to me but must affect them in some way. I don't presume to judge their disability level and do not appreciate any one judging mine.

I realize that I sound very angry here, but I am not angry with you, my dear. I get angry every time I think of that man and want to hunt his pompous ass down and stuff my medical records up his wazoo. My sister was so angry with him because she said that he has no idea of what we all have been through since I have been diagnosed, ie my suicide attempt, my extremely low opinion of myself, my propensity to want to harm myself when I get too down, etc etc, and he has no business judging me.

I'm sorry that you have had people react that way to you, and you must be a much better person than I am because I would have yelled some very colorful words back at those people and started a rumble in that parking lot. It is just not any one's business and I do not appreciate people making it their business.


Dear Blindbeard,

I am somewhat confused. Really.

Visiting a MS-related website I always expect to find something related.

But this isn't a case. But that's probably OK.

By the way, I, being a MS-er, am concentrating on natural MS cures.

I cured my MS in 1997 and have no exacerbations from since.

All best

Czes Kulvis

Dear Beautiful Czes Kulvis,

I can't be all MS all the time. It depresses me and bores me too much. Besides, I may have MS but that is only one part of my life and of me. If I had to talk all MS all the time I would crochet myself a noose with "Goodbye crewel world!" crocheted into it and hang myself. And as I can't crochet a thing, I choose to not talk MS all the time.

There are so many great MS websites out there that are all MS and I visit them to keep abreast of what's going on in the world of MS, but I have a feeling that is not what you really wanted to comment about. Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling you really wanted to talk about your "cure" for MS. While I am deeply interested -- yawn -- in your cure, I am going to stick with my own regime of dealing with my MS until science proves a better way of dealing with it. And if that way does indeed prove to be your way, I will become a most devoted minion to you. Until that time, I hope you remain exacerbation free for another 13 years.



Webster said...

I agree with you. Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. Smiles to you.

Amy said...

Dear Blindbeard,

Big Fan! I've read your whole blog. I don't have MS, but I don't NOT have it either. ( I have the lesions and meet all the diagnostic criterea but have another disease that my doctor says "covers" MS as well) Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I like that your blog is not all MS all the time. Its refreshing to hear about all of the aspects of your life. When I first started getting sick and started reading other blogs I was worried sick(er) that my life was going to be miserable. You have helped me to be mostly positive (when I have the energy) and to concentrate on living my life and not just being sick.