Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm In Love With Mary Jane

That's right! I said it! Beings as I'm always the last to figure anything out, I just recently discovered how much marijuana helps my MS. Sure, I had heard about it and my ex was always trying to get me to do it, and he is not a smoker of any kind. He heard about Montel Williams smoking it and decided I needed to do it too. About 4 years ago I tried it because my left eyeball was killing me. It worked, but it made me hungry and tired -- 2 things I didn't need any help with after gaining 55 lbs from the steroids and struggling with a depression that wanted me to sleep all the time. Now after 4 years of getting to really know my MS and having tried all kinds of different meds to help me with pain and spasticity, I found something that works better.

My little sister came over one day when I was in a foul mood due to a killer pain in my legs and face. She had some wacky tobaccy so I asked her to share some with me. I could not believe how good I felt after smoking. The pain in my legs and face went away and suddenly my legs were not so stiff and I felt like I was walking like a normal person. I felt so good, I didn't want to sit. I wanted to walk and walk and walk, because I couldn't get over how great my legs felt. I slept like a baby on a double dose of Nyquil and felt so rested and not so stiff the next morning that I wanted to shout it from the roof tops that I'm in love with Mary Jane.

When I started doing more research about the effects of marijuana on MS, I was even more convinced that I need to smoke it. It may even slow down the disease progression. When my mom read all the stuff I had found, she wanted me to smoke it more than I already was, and my mom is a SQUARE! In fact, she drug me outside and sat on the porch with me to smoke because she said it is a bunch of sh*t that I can't do this legally (in Nebraska) and she would go to court with me to give anyone an earful that is feeling lucky enough to take on my mom. And my mom is one tough old bird.

The only down side to my newest favorite pass time is that I don't get "high" like back in the day when I didn't smoke it for medicinal reasons. Sure, I feel good, but I don't get all giggly and stuff. Maybe because I'm more interested in how great my body feels? I don't know and I don't care. I do know that it takes away my pain and lets me sleep better than I have in years. Ahhh, Mary Jane, lets run away together, like to Colorado, where we can love legally.


Webster said...

I WISH it just made me feel good, but it doesn't anymore. Now it makes me aware of every neuron it takes to walk! I have to concentrate so studiously to walk across the room, it's crazy. I have to get my husband to give me an arm to lean on - then I start laughing at how silly it all seems.

I miss the way Mary Jane and I used to play. We used to play well together, even after MS joined us.

Nicole @ Splitcybernality said...

I think everything is created for a reason. I hate that Webster isnt still feeling good from it.

Bake said...

Blindbeard, I too live in the square of Nebraska. I used MJ for some of my MS pains, and thought it worked great. Then my great source dried up... and I am miserable with 14 different prescribed meds that seem to do nothing but keep the pharmacy open. I'm curious how you get yours with a comfort level that: you won't get caught, and that isn't laced with other stuff...

any help would be huge of you. thanks