Monday, June 28, 2010

Who'da Thunk It?

Wow. Talk about being able to be knocked over with a feather. The other day I got a letter from the SSA saying that my disability case was remanded back to them from the district court and I get a new hearing. I had to call my lawyer to make sure that what I was reading was what I was reading, because I couldn't believe it. What I was reading was what I was reading and I think I passed out from the shock for a few minutes there. (Good thing Acorn knew it was just a swoon, because I have a horrible fear of needing someone to call 911 for me while I still live in this town. There is this HUGE, fat, nasty guy on the volunteer fire department here and I DO NOT want him cutting off my clothes and giving me CPR. That is a fate worse than death. And for the record, he is a total jerk besides being HUGE, fat and nasty.)

I had spent a few nights with my sweaty (and hairy) palms clutching my blankets, worrying that I would get a letter telling me that the district court decided that the judge was right and I do need to go start bagging some groceries ( Then I would have to file another appeal and wait that much longer. Apparently the courts decided that it may not be the best idea in the history of forever for someone with a chronic, progressive neurological disease to be bagging up peoples' groceries. And who has baggers anymore anyway? I can't remember the last time anyone bagged my groceries for me, besides the people shopping with me and they don't count. And I mean the old fashioned kind of bagging where they take your groceries to your car for you and load it up, too. (I wonder if I would have made any tips doing that? Maybe a pity coin here and there...)

Now I'm spending my nights with my sweaty (and hairy) palms clutching my blankets dreaming of being able to afford being alive. Of not having to go bag groceries. Of having more than $4 to spend on myself each month. I may have $5 and won't I feel rich then!


Webster said...

And just think of this: If you win, they pay you retroactively. So, both you and your lawyer will get a tidy lump sum. Of course, if you currently receive food stamps, those will be gone, unless you invest the sum into a van or something like that. Good luck.

Jen said...

: D

Tippy Topple said...

In reference the the previous comment, yes your retro payment will be nice, but your lawyer should only be able to get up to $6000 I think unless he petitioned the court for more. There are tight limits on how much a lawyer can charge for SSDI appeals. If I remember correctly it is some % of the back pay or $6000 whichever is *least*.