Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tired Of My Own B.S., Gimme Some Of Yours

I am so sick of the same worries rolling around in my head. I am thoroughly bored stiff with them. I have had the same thoughts tumbling over each other for too long now: Money... need to get packing... little dog not house trained yet... so poor... this stuff ain't going to pack itself... how did I miss that huge pile in my room?... will I ever have more than $4 to my name?... what if this house doesn't go through?... why does he have to hold it until he gets back inside?... maybe I should look into prostitution, I wonder if they have night classes for that?... ugh! I hate moving and if I don't have a perfectly neat move, my mom will bitch the whole time!... is he afraid the grass will chap his poor delicate behind?

And around and around. So I would now like to switch worries with you. You worry about my crap, and I'll worry about yours. Please do not hesitate to tell me what's worrying you right now. I am ready to worry about your finances, living situation, and even the poop and pee stains on your carpets. I'm so sick of worrying about my crap and I bet yours are more interesting.


Diane J Standiford said...

My BFF cut her finger it kept getting worse, now she (after THREE surgeries) is in hospital since last night and it may be MRSA (see my blog)---she stopped by my apt. yesterday morning, 8am, seemed fine, now I had to destroy the towel she used, sanitize best I can all knobs she touched etc.---she has 2 small kids, raising them alone, cleans houses/apts for a living---no money coming in and may lose her hand! I am beyond worried for her and hoping she didn't spread MRSA throughout my retirement home yesterday!!!

carla said...

I will gladly trade worries for today.. I worry about more parent meetings where people inevitably say... "Wow you don't look sick.. or why are you limping.." I'm worried I might lose it on the next person who says either of these things and look like psycho-mama.. and I am worried about my awesome husband who has been putting off his music career for another few months(year) to pick up the slack in our family while.. we try to adjust and move all of our employment to home, and I have a low grade worry about how much of my sight andmy leg function and bladder control m.s. has taken from me and when it will stop... Wow rest easy I feel better already ditching my own b.s. and induldging in someone else's,.. Thanks Blindbeard..