Friday, August 15, 2008

Goodbye Crewel World

Whenever I don't feel well I always think of that Far Side cartoon where the spider hangs itself and written in the web is the title of this post. Not that I am a fan of crewel work, mind you. My mom used to do a ton of it when we were growing up and I always hated it -- so cutesy and whimsical -- everything I am not. I feel like a cesspool in the hot summer sun today -- gelatinous and nauseating. Everything is adding up now: why my vision is spotty, especially my left eye, the one that I have ON in and the lid feels droopy and like it is covering part of my vision field; why the last 2 days I spent more time asleep than awake, which is not like me; why I feel so shaky and weak and like I could trip over a dust mite. I was coming down with something! My little sister is not feeling well either; she threw up this morning. My body never throws up, it likes to torture me too much to just get rid of something unacceptable. I hate being sick but being sick in summer is so much worse. I want to go curl up in bed but it is too warm to snuggle up under covers. Soup might make my stomach feel better (not sure anything could make it feel worse) but who can eat soup in this heat? I think I am going to make a milk shake, burn out my faulty eyeballs on TV and go back to bed as early as I can. Ugh... hope everyone is feeling better than me. I will be back soon. Blindbeard out.



Oh, man! Total suckage for you to be sick...I am one who will sell a left kidney to KEEP from hurling spew. I know...I'm sure my gut would feel better too, but I just can't stand to puke!

Be "weller" soon...otherwise I'll be jones-ing for a Blindbeard fix.

Linda D. in seattle

Denver Refashionista said...

That sucks. I actually am not feeling great either. My vision is also a bit off and I have been fighting aches and skull pain. I think I am going to try some excercise and see if that helps. If not, I guess sleep is also in my forecast.

Jen said...

Hang in there, Blindbeard. I often use my MS as a barometer for illness. My increased symptoms are usually a good indicator of a new bladder infection or even just a cold. Being sick on top of having MS just plain SUCKS. But you'll get through this so you can come back to amusing us with your posts (okay, maybe I want your restored health for selfish purposes...Haha!) Just get well soon, okay?

Peace out---