Friday, August 22, 2008

Brain-Cheese, How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways! Every time I go to Brain-Cheese's blog I become even more convinced that she and I were guinea pigs in a mad scientist's lab together in a past life. I think people only stumbled across me because of her taking notice of me and her appreciation of my off-beat humor. Don't get me wrong, I loves you all; I loves what each of you bring to the table and the way you view life with MS. I love other opinions and points-of-view. It is interesting to see others take on life with MS. But Brain-Cheese has a humor so akin to my own that I must tally the things that I have been too amused by in her recent blogs. Without further ado, here is my list of things I love about Brain-Cheese:

1. I loved the blog about going into Canada and being asked by the border patrol if they were meeting anyone. I yukked it up when she wondered if he was going to suggest someone to meet and could not help wondering if he had a friend for me. In case you missed it. Makes me think I could use some Canadian Bacon myself. (Insert a naughty smiley face here.)

2. Her post about her nose made me feel bunches better. I have these facial tics and spasms that make me make stupid faces, usually in public. My face scrunches up around the nose like it is trying to come to a point there and around my left eye I get spasms that make me grimace whether something is worth grimacing over or not. I see a cute little kid and go to admire them to the parents, my face starts spasming and I grimace over said kid. Not the best way to endear one's self to doting parents. And the picture of the hairiest nose in the free world was a refreshing change. I will swear on a stack of MS magazines that I can see a bat in the cave.

3. Like Brain-Cheese (that's Linda, and D. if you're nasty) I too can be bought. And, sadly, I am not ashamed of that. Finances are so tight around here and I feel like I just escaped the clutches of slavery (a marriage to a man with increasing alcoholism and irrational demands) that I could even be bought to be a companion of sorts to some lonely old guy -- and no, I do not mean sex. That is not even an option. I may be a cheap beeotch, but I do have some standards, albeit very minor ones.

4. "Chained in the front yard and frothing at the mouth." Can we not all relate to this post?! I know I sure can. Some stuff makes me so mad, I think about installing a padded room in my house. Sometimes I wish I could get thrown in jail so I can rail about the injustice of some of these things -- because they are criminal.

5. And lastly -- for this particular post anyway -- she got some (very) coveted blogger awards. I want to win some blogger awards! Even if they are, "Most Manure Spewed Forth By A Moron" or something like that. I do covet those awards something awful. I want to proudly display them on my blog. I would put copies on napkins, T-shirts, paper plates, place mats, my toilet paper with my grinning face giving a thumbs up, use it as my wall paper for my computers and cell phone, print it up to frame and hand out as Christmas gifts to anyone and everyone I have ever met, give a copy to my neurologist to hang in her office, make a button for my mommy to wear, a bumper sticker that says, "Proud Blogger Award Winner On Board," or, "I'd Rather Be Blogging On My Award Winning Blog!" But alas, no such thing has come my way yet. But wallow in your glory, Brain-Cheese, and know that you deserved it. I can only hope to follow in your hallowed footsteps.


Denver Refashionista said...

It is fitting that you should make this post. Last night I was laughing loudly at Braincheese's latest post. When my husband inquired why I remarked that I read two hilarious bloggers, you and Ms. Cheese. You are certainly peas in the pod with your humor. I love the way you both think but I am not good at humorous writing myself. Nevertheless, I almost always read your blog with a grin. I think you and Braincheese are long-lost sisters.


Ah, whine enough and your wish comes true! I left you a little sumpin sumpin over on that psychocheese blog...

I'm so tickled with myself, I'd swear I have a feather up my arse...

Linda D. in Seattle