Monday, July 27, 2009

*Author's Note*

I have to say a few things then it is back to my boring life -- think I am starting to prefer boring because the not boring stuff usually SUCKS!

*When I wrote the blog about personality, I wasn't fishing for compliments, even though they were muy appreciated. It was more an "out-of-the-mouth-of-babes" type thing. I thought it was rather astute coming from an 11 year old to know that personality matters more than looks. That and it is too much fun to tease her -- and laugh at myself at the same time -- about me only having personality to recommend myself. Same thing about my class flocking to me. I wasn't fishing, just showing my surprise that after hiding from people for so long I realized that I don't need to. I just needed to be me and get over myself getting the MS. (You guys gotta quit with the compliments! You're going to make me conceited, and nobody wants a big-headed Blindbeard terrorizing the natives. This morning there was a huge spider wed right outside the front door and I was conceited enough to look for "Some Gimp!" written in it -- proof that I don't need any more compliments.)

*My dear Tara, yes, I do Sudoku. But I only do it when there is no risk of conversation because I go at it with such concentration that I can't have distractions or I forget where I was.

*Again to my dear Tara, I was going to write a post about your blog post, Dr Appointment Didn't go as Well as I Had Hoped For, but found that what I wanted to say was so long and boring it would cure insomnia for my fellow MSers. I can totally relate to what you are saying in that post because I, too, am in the 20% who are in grave danger of being in a wheelchair. When I was diagnosed I had several large lesions in my spine and one MASSIVE one low down in my back that was (and still is) of serious concern to my neurologists. That lesion is a huge threat to my walking abilities and a tiny bit worrisome to me. I have a predominately spinal disease, which we all know has the worst prognosis, and know the horror of knowing that if something doesn't slow down my disease things are going to get ugly in a hurry. But my offer to race wheelchairs is still there.

*Our war against vermin is still raging, I am very sorry to report. Princess found a HUGE cricket in her mom's room and is so freaked out she won't lay on the floor right now. I say, "crickets-schmickets!" I found several fat and thriving meal worms in my room and one good sized tick climbing up the side of my bed! With the way blood sucking pests are attacking my unmentionables, I fear I may need to give myself a flea and tick bath with special attention shown to those private parts.


Kimberly said...

Yikes, sounds like its time to call an exterminator! We found a black stipped black and white beetle approximately THREE inches long yesterday. Whaen my husband went to move it into the garden it actually HISSED at him. I wheeled backwards very quickly afraid the damn thing could jump. Me dealing with spiders and bugs are not only no, it's a HELL NO! I have to call the troops in when my husband in gone. I'm glad to hear your doiing well.

I too am part of the 80%. In fact I've been in a manual chair since September and am waiting for my motorized chair to come in. It took me 10 months to adjust to being in the chair. However, every one adjusts differently. Domehow I picture you doing wheelies down the stairs!

Denver Refashionista said...

The doctor's visits do tend to suck and so do the test results. BTW, when do you know to get a spinal MRI? I had one when I was first diagnosed and there were no lesions so I have only been getting brain MRIs since but this last one was no bueno and I'm having more numbness...

Anonymous said...

My husband just got diagnosed with this. I'm a stay-at-home mom and haven't worked in 8 1/2 years. He makes good money, but his job is very physically demanding even on a healthy guy.