Monday, July 13, 2009


Most of us have some goals in life. Even me, with my not-so-great attitude, has goals. Maybe I should say "goal" because my only current one is to perfect belch talk. My ex is so good at it, he can say anything in a belch, and I deeply covet that talent. I have been working on it for a little while now and my family is enjoying listening to me practice. My mom is horrified that I go at it with such gusto and with total disregard of who is around or where I am. (I draw the line at doing it in public; I do have some standards.) She thinks I need to have loftier goals than that, to which I belch, "No thanks."

My mom also has this long cherished goal of me making an MSing friend. She was so thrilled when I signed on to do this balance study and got a membership to the local MS gym, thinking that her goal for me was coming to fruition. I tried to resist their friendly ways, all to naught. I am enjoying my fellow MSing peeps more than I thought I would. There are several there that I even considered getting their phone numbers so we could stay up late swapping deep dark secrets and titter on the phone together all night. One lady in particular has really got the better of me. She is so genuinely kind and humble and... WONDERFUL! It is rare to meet some one so truly kind like that. She doesn't have much to say about herself, but in a not-shy way. We yak and yuk it up but she never brags about herself or tries to make herself look good. My older sister, Mellow, works for La Rue coffee and gets it at a great discount, so I brought in several different flavors of coffee for all to enjoy. I have a bunch of different flavors myself and was telling them about them, which everyone oohh'ed and ahhh'ed over. I am going to bring in a couple of bags of coffee for some of them and was trying to get the afore mentioned lady to tell me what her favorite flavor was, but she wouldn't open her mouth to say anything when I mentioned all the different flavors. So I told her I am just going to bring her the most popular flavor. I know she is going to resist taking it, but I am prepared to stuff it down her shirt to make her take it.

My older sister took it upon herself to push me to get in touch with some old friends, especially one. Her goal is to get me out of my shell and back into life. Yesterday I met up with that old friend and it was GREAT! Mellow told me that older sisters do know what is best sometimes and I had to grudgingly agree. I am glad she pushed me because seeing her (old friend, even though she is not old) was so great I can't put it into the right words. Now I am plotting more ways for my friend and I to get together, how we can work that out and how we can sit and properly catch up. I am very glad my older sister had that goal for me, even though I wasn't at first. But I have forgiven her.


Jen said...

I'm sorta mortified that I'm commenting WAY too soon after this was posted, but alas, Blindbeard: I have an interview with a telecommuting company I previously worked for to do some more contract customer service work. The over-the-phone interview is at 9:30, so I wanted to squeeze this in. This is one of my own goals---getting more manageable, part-time work---so we can have a more stable financial existence.

For you: WOOT!....I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and your friends. You go, Sista Sledge!......... ...WOOT-WOOT!.... Enjoy your day over there....Gotta go....: )

EJ said...

I've always appreciated that my dad didn't pansy-fy his child-raising expectations just because he had two daughters. We held regular burp tutoring sessions, with a special emphasis on car names. Anybody can get out "fooord," but it takes a seasoned professional to get "oooldsmobile" right.

Lisa Emrich said...

Oh, that's so cool that you're having a good time at the 'MS gym.' See, some of us MSers are genuinely nice. Not that I'm saying I'm one of them, but they're out there. LOL.

About the belch talk, I'm afraid that this is one talent which was never cultivated by me at any age. And now, it would seem to be a truly difficult goal to obtain. But outright belching, especially after drinking a carbonated soda too quickly, it rather satisfying indeed.

You go girlfriend. Enjoy yourself and connect to the world through your friends. You rock.

Kimberly said...

"Burpish" is a language I was never able to master. I do however, recall my brother and father having rousing conversation in the language. I don't know what they were saying but it must always have been funny as they roared with laughter during the conversations.

I'm so glad to hear your renewing old friendships and making new ones. It's nice to live your LIFE and NOT MS isn't it!

Denver Refashionista said...

Excellent goals. I too have enjoyed making friends with other MSers. Sometimes nobody can understand unless they have been there. It is easy for me to talk to others in my shoes without feeling judged or misunderstood.

I am glad you reconnected with your old friend too. Big sisters can give great advice, mine does.