Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I feel like it has been forever since I've been on here. I have to ramble for a while to catch myself up, so buckle up for the wild ride.

*Sugarbowl, Princess and Jabber went up to my mom's for the 4th and for a court date Sugarbowl has with an ex for child support for Princess. The man is a unrepentant alcoholic and is trying to say it is a disability -- he will probably get disability before me too -- and therefore should have to pay next to nothing in child support regardless of the fact that he gets over $1200 a month for being a veteran. I cleaned the house and have been reveling in cleanliness and quiet, caught up on my reading and have a passel of books I've requested from the library and am waiting with bated breath to get that phone call that says they are in.

*While fighting with the raspberries on the 4th, I was subjected to an experience that I hope does not repeat itself again anytime soon. The neighbors were trying to recreate a Hallmark moments style holiday, which I can forgive ("Awww, you are so wonderful!" "No, you are!" "Let's all group hug!") but they were blasting Country music while doing it, which I cannot forgive. I can handle some Country, but only a little. It is so maudlin and depressing it makes me feel like I should be moping, crying, and pining for an ex when I do not want to do any of that for any of those cornholes.

*Speaking of choices in music, I was again fighting with the raspberries when I found out that we live near a hot spot for teens embarking on a weekend of wackiness. I noticed that a gaggle of girls would go by blasting things like Alanis Morisette's song about how she couldn't help falling in love with some guy and it was all his fault. The boys would be blaring some rap or hard rock. I pondered how if they would both change their expectations a bit -- the girls give up the pipe dream of some boy sweeping them off their feet, and the boys relinquish the hope of just getting laid -- they could all be happy. But what do I know? We used to listen to Motley Crue while trying to net some boys and I'm not sure what that says about our expectations.

*My farmer's tan is coming along nicely. I have a lovely brown spreading over my arms and legs while my torso is still an albino white. How sexy is that? I'll answer for you: very!

*While mowing the lawn, I nearly had my head ripped off by a low branch. It grabbed my head and right shoulder and jerked me back, nearly taking me off the mower -- I think I got whiplash from it. Before I checked my wounds, I had to look around and make sure no one saw that. Priorities, people, priorities. It's all fine and dandy to make an ass out of yourself but just as long as no one sees you doing it. I didn't want anyone to see me getting my scalp and shoulder ripped open when a blind man could have seen that branch.

*Speaking of mowing, I ran over a garter snake and nearly vomited when the chunks flew everywhere and the dogs acted like it was a smorgasbord. And why do dogs feel the need to lay a fresh stinky in the path of where you are going to mow next? I get so tired of running over that and having it stick to the wheels to perfume the hot air around me for the duration of my mowing.

*Speaking of dogs, mine rolled in something dead and rotten and I didn't see them do it. Well, I saw them rolling in the grass but thought they were just enjoying the mowed lawn after the rain forest we had going. When we all piled back into the house I smelled this horrible smell and thought that some animal died in the heating and cooling ducts and the odor was circulating through the house. It took me longer than I care to admit to figure out it was the dogs. We all got washed with the hose and fresh air was restored to the house.

*I need to catch up on all your blogs. I have been so busy vacationing that I haven't got on here like I want to. I have found the time to play Bubble Town but can't get past the 7th level, and it's not from lack of trying. Darn you, sleeping bubble heads! Why can't you wake up and help a girl out?

*Speaking of Bubble Town, I need to go play it and see if I can't get past the 7th level. Tootles.


Denver Refashionista said...

Ok, we lock the dogs up while we mow to avoid the potty problem.

Everyone runs into something with their head now and then. I put my chin into my own car door as I opened it.

Finally, men and woemen will always have different expectations. Women want intimacy which means talking and sharing. Men also want intimacy but they think the only path is sex so there lies the bind. It is actually amazing we procreate at all and all end up gay (LOL).

Jen said...

I do recall driving around in my buddy's big sedan and finding every note of anything by Led Zeppelin to be enhanced. And maybe that was because WE were enhanced. LOL..