Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Give Me A Break, Give Me A Break

Break me off a piece of that KitKat bar! Even though I don't eat KitKats, or much candy at all for that matter, that jingle was playing in head when I was thinking of all this. The reason for that jingle playing nonstop in my head? I am so glad you asked!

*I am going to take a break from my own little blog-o-sphere and catch up on all of yours. I have been away from them for far too long and need a vacation from my own b.s. So I will be vacationing on the sunny beaches of your blogs. You will now be buried under a poop ton of my inane comments and should consider yourselves warned.

Quick Update Before I Embark On My Break

*My ex-father-in-law's prostate cancer is not in the bone and it appears to have been caught in the early stages and he will live. He has used this whole thing to get raging drunk and make a complete ass hat out of himself. Unfortunately he is an afternoon drunk and drives when most people are coming home from work/picking up kids etc. He got so drunk the other day, he hit my ex-brother-in-law's truck when he came home. It was parked in the driveway and he bounced off the truck, poured himself out of his truck and staggered into the house. My ex-mother-in-law had to pick him up off the bathroom floor and help him to bed. Because drunks are so annoying, he whined and bemoaned his fate of having prostate cancer and tried the pity card by saying, "just let me die!" My ex-hubby told him that nobody cared if he died (in a drunken crash), but we all would care if he killed someone else and would line up to sh*t on his grave if that happened, which it most likely would not because the drunks never die. I admired him for telling his father the truth and puffed out my chest with pride that I had married a man who would tell his father how it is. I will be in that line with my bowels full if he hurts anyone else.

*Speaking of my ex, Sugarbowl got mad at me the other day because he and I have been getting along so well lately and I go up there to see him too much in her opinion. I didn't get mad at her for being such an ass master and bitching at me about it because I knew it was coming from her fear that I will go back with him and she doesn't want to lose me -- she gets panic attacks if she thinks about me not being in her life and my ex lives 2.5 hours away. Honestly, now that he and I do not live together and we have taken a break from each other, we have remembered why we liked each other in the first place. I have no intentions of moving back there and he and I agreed that if we are happy this way, it is no one's business. We do not intend to push the divorce and are going to try staying married and living apart. It is working so well for us. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Now I am off to heckle and annoy my fellow bloggers. I need to get back to you all. No, really, please hold your applause.


Heather said...

Enjoy catching up on blogs. I just wrote last night how I don't have time to blog b/c I'm ready everyone else's. We have the opposite problem.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

I just want you to know that I love reading your blogs. Your picture cracks me up every day. You are so funny and entertaining.
Thank You for being that way.

Kimberly said...

Good for you and your ex figuring out the type of relationship that works for you. So what that it's not "traditional". Maybe this way you'll fall in love all over again and because of your experience it will be with eyes wide open.

Denver Refashionista said...

I'm finally catching up a bit too.

Great with the ex as long as he plays nice but ditch his ass if he tries any of the old crap.

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks, I'm honored. I also just left you an award on my page so drop in and grab it.