Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tysabri vs Copaxone

I have been pondering the pros vs cons of Tysabri and Copaxone. I love them both, but there are some definite pros and cons to both, and I'm not sure who the clear cut winner is here.

Copaxone has about a 30% reduction in relapses. Not too impressive, but a reduction nonetheless.

Tysabri has an almost 70% reduction in relapses, which makes it the winner of the Reduction round.

Tysabri has to be infused at an approved infusion center that is down on 42nd street when I live waaaayyyyy past the 200s, maybe even into the 300s.

Copaxone was delivered to my door and had the added benefit of letting me shoot up at home, which makes it the winner of the Convenience round.

Tysabri costs me (well, my insurance and ex ass master of a husband who is still paying those bills until the final death knell of our marriage) roughly $400 for each round.

Copaxone, because it was a mail order, was only $5 per month, making it the winner of the Lets Not Impoverish The Impoverished Anymore round.

Tysabri takes an hour to infuse and an hour of observation. An hour of unspeakable boredom for those of us with no patience, giving me a feeling of entrapment and being "stuck," a feeling that I abhor with every fiber of my rotten being.

Copaxone took me about 20 seconds (if I really lollagagged) and then I went about my merry way and got back to my life of a bunch of nothings. So Copaxone wins the Least Time Sucked Out Of My Impatient Self round.

Copaxone's biggest side effect (for me) was the itchy injection sites that caused me to scratch my skin into scabs. That and I jumped up a brassier size, a more uncommon side effect that I could have done without.

Tysabri sometimes leaves me with some ugly bruises, but not very often, which makes it the winner of the Not Making Me Look Scabby And More Diseased Than I Already Am round.

Yikes! Look at the time! I have to get ready to go see my neurologist -- on Christmas Eve no less, when I am very busy being a Scrooge. I have to sharpen my claws and get my "mean face" on because I mean business. I have made me a list of things that I need to... discuss in an adult and calm fashion with her. Things that will make her glad to see my hind quarters receding from her after I get done sinking in my well sharpened claws into her pompous, bad breathed self. *Side Note*: Am I just really unlucky or do all neurologists have really bad breath? Like they haven't heard of mints or even a glass of water from time to time? Every neurologist that I have seen has sizzled off my eyebrows and made my nostrils seal themselves shut in outrage. Anyone else have that problem with their neurologists?


Tricia said...

30% versus 70% would be the answer to me. Also needle once every 4 weeks vs needle every day would win too cause I hate needles.

Hubby has seemed to have 100% halt of progression on Tysabri so he is one of the lucky ones and he wouldn't go back to injecting himself if his life depended on it - literally unfortunately.

Good luck at the doctor and hoping you can find something that works well for you! :)

Denver Refashionista said...

My neurologist has ok breath but one of my dental assistants has terrible breath. Pretty gross in the dentist's office.

Weeble Girl said...

My neuro's NP is big on looking and smelling good which is a nice bonus for me as he is a male and I am a female!

I'm a Ty girl now thanks to great insurance and a great infusion facility. I've already seen a decrease in brain lesions after two infusions.

The infusion palace that I go to has special private suites with a TV and DVD and the nurses are great sticks. Never had a bruise yet and they always get me on the first stick. Of course, I have only had three infusions.

The nurses said maybe around 8 doses I might see a change in my energy/fatigue level which would be great as that is one of my biggest symptoms.

Good luck with whatever you choose and may your neuro brush just for you!


Perhaps the NMSS should launch a study re: halitosis among neurologists. Might be a good place to start spending some of that fund-raising money and help us ALL out!

Hang in there BB...rooting for you.

Linda D. in Seattle

Clare said...

I have been using capaxone 16 months now. I am getting on with it and it suits my lifestyle and injecting doesnt even hurt just sometimes a sting after.
I had a huge fear of needles nut with self injector its disappeared.
My relaspes have definately reduced and at moment I am going through a period of good health.
I have never been offere Ty. I have so far tried beta feron , Avonex (huge needle!!)and now capaxone which i am sticking with for the time.

exkilt said...

Thanks for your comments! I have been shooting-up with Copaxone over a year now. I visit with my neurologist soon but I see no need for a change in therapy. We'll see...but I will keep you all posted. Take very good care, everyone! m...