Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Award

All these great awards everyone gives to everyone else, and even bestows on lil ol' me, have inspired me to make my own. I don't have the credentials to make something respectable, so I had to make one that fits what I do have to offer: my undying love for you. I know it's nothing great, but if you knew how long it took me to put that picture together, after many harsh words exchanged between the editing program and myself, you would feel very honored that I was able to put anything together to offer to you. So roll out the red carpet and prepared yourselves for the Hall Of Shame because I have these people to offer my meager love to:

Brain Cheese Of course I have to start with my darling Brain Cheese. Her humor and intelligence make me feel like I have nothing witty or remotely smart to add to the world of MS blogs. I love her play on words and the way she refers to things, like her hut for her living quarters. It makes me think of those coconut huts for hermit crabs and her boiling out of her coconut hut to pinch the crap out of any fingers that dare come too close. She hails from Nebraska but made her escape many years ago, leaving Nebraska bereft of any unique personalities, and only my paltry self to try and fill her shoes. I suspect that she and I were lab rats together in a previous life, but have yet to prove that theory despite all my hard work with test tubes and bunson burners.

Diane J. Standiford I don't think even the worst MS has to offer could destroy her strength and courage despite it's best attempts. I admire her fighting spirit and wish I was more like that -- I have too much anger to be so courageous. I loved her profile picture of her with a top hat on and how she is herself with no apologies to any one. Her humor cracks me up and I find myself using her jokes in my own life -- hope they are not copyrighted! She can cut to the chase and make a good point in the most concise minimum of words, which has my undying respect and envy.

Jen Ahhh, Jen, where do I begin? Even though we have never met, your comments make me feel like we are old friends. Your warmth and caring come through whether you intended that or not. If I was ever in your neck of the woods, I feel like I could stop by your house, feel 100% welcome, and we would have a nice long chat. You would probably even make up a spare bed for me and leave chocolates on the pillow, that is how kind you seem.

Denver Refashionista Love your real name, love your hair, and I love the way you are totally honest about your struggles with MS. Your blog takes me back to my first year after being diagnosed, the whole holy-mother-of-sh*t-where-did-my-life-go-and-how-do-I-deal-with-this-new-life? I don't envy what you are going through, having already gone through it and not being better from the fight, but I know that you have a much better attitude about this whole stinking mess than I have ever had and will emerge from it a million times better for it than I have. Your blog is a great map for the newly diagnosed to find their way through it all, I just wish you had been blogging when I was in the same spot you are now. We could have exchanged war stories and compared wounds.

Tara I absolutely, unequivocally love your "About Me" section. It is such an apt description of where I am and so honest! I love your polls and love seeing the results. The only difference is that I went from a Type A personality to a Type AA personality. I no longer edit what I say and have a tendency to just blurt out what I am thinking, to my little sister's horror. I no longer smile and nod when someone should have shut up before they spewed a bunch of stupidity, like the time a woman told me her brother got MS from the doctors that did his back surgery. The smile melted from my face and I told her that he did not get MS from those doctors. I snatched my bag o' day old goodies from her hands and the only reason I continue to give that place money is because they have such great deals on Hostess snack cakes, even if they are a "day old." (I have a suspicion that those yummy treats are much older than a day.)

Lisa Emrich Lisa, I feel like anything I say about you and your blog will be a paltry attempt to compliment something so superior to myself. Your blog is the place I go for the latest accurate information about all things MS and the current thought about different issues. I love your comments because they never fail to amuse me and I wish you hadn't found me on Facebook -- I feel like your friends on there will see me and realize that I am not on the same blogging level as you are. Only my deep love and admiration for you allowed me to let myself join the ranks of your friends on there.

That is all for now; I could go on and on but I am afraid this post is too long already. But fear not, my forgotten pretties, I will get to you in a future post so you too can join the ranks in the hallowed Blindbeard Hall Of Shame. (You'll be a bust, be a bust, be a bust, in the Hall Of Shame!)


Jen said...

Of course I'm lurking here, 'cause now I follow blogs in an anonymous (and creepy) way.

Blindbeard: I came THIS close to ditching your ass (figured you probably hated me after all of my yammering and "hovercrafting" in your comments section..) But as an overbearing Italian mama would say, "I do it out of LOVE..." When you marry into the mob, you become one of them...I only crack the whip and yammer my inspirational shit to those diamonds in the rough who need a little nudge to shine.

PS: Now of course I'm gonna look for you on Facebook.....hehehehe...

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks, I'm honored. I also just left you an award on my blog so drop on by.

Lisa Emrich said...

I'm blushing and humbled by your kindest words. Of course, I'm a little thrilled that Jen is going to go stalk you on Facebook now. :-) Hehe, what fun.

BTW, my "friends" on Facebook could likely care less about my blog. You know that musicians are just that way. But a few old classmates from high school have been extraordinarily supportive.

This is be a treasured award to display on the old blog. Thank you dear, you rock!!

Diane J Standiford said...

I too am honored that you cursed so much to award us. That shows true love and a fellow-frustrated with freakin computers blogger. Well, I THINK I am loved...kind words, but that yellow Bob-square pants...heard of him...what is the big deal? If you are square you MUST wear square pants...must look into Bob further. Anyhoo, thank you. I do believe we must all act like sponges in life and soak everything up. this Bob the dude living under water? But that means...oh, my brain is imploding.

Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

Stop by my blog I have something for you. (Had to remove the previous comments as my bloody fingers aen'y cooperating)!

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Oh Me Oh My!!! Thank You Blindbeard for awarding me with such a great honor. I can't imagine how long it took you to design this Award. I will treasure it and thank you for thinking of me.


Are you ready kids? I can't HEEEEAAR you!

Yes, sadly I DO have the Sponge Bob song memorized AND as the ring tone on my cell phone. I really need to get a life...sigh.

Oh, and TY, TY, for this prestigious award!!!