Friday, March 27, 2009

My 2 Cents

*Author's Note: Diane, I'm sorry about misspelling your name. I should have looked it up before I wrote it, and I have no excuse for it except my profound laziness. I hope you have my good luck to have someone call you a lesbian and I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear your response. My money is on you having a much more interesting volley of words than I have had and I hope you blog about it if you are ever so lucky.

Reading Braincheese's recent post about bullies, I found I had so much to say about it, I couldn't possibly say it all in her comments section, which she should be grateful for because it is a lot. To All You Freaks And Weirdo's... in case you missed it. (I find it hard to believe anyone who reads my blog has not read hers because she is a much better and much more humorous blogger than myself.)

How ridiculous is it to spread rumors about a blogger? You might as well spread rumors about the contents of your bloomers drawer because you probably have no idea what all is in there either. I know I don't know for sure what is lurking in those back corners and I'm too scared to dig around and find out. Why would anyone give full disclosure about themselves?! It is unwise to give out all that information and I feel stupid even saying it because anyone with 2 brain cells rubbing together knows that! I am jealous that someone finds her so powerful, so influential, and so "dangerous" that they would try and undermine her. If nothing else, that should be flattering, my dear Braincheese. Someone is so intimidated by you, they must try to make others think you are not what you say you are. If I have learned nothing else from reading her blog, I have learned this: She is honest and open about her MS and does not water down her experience with it -- all things I respect.

Nobody tries to spread rumors about me, probably because I am a total dingleberry hopper and not a threat to anyone. When someone leaves a negative comment, it bothers me not at all. I have never been burdened with worrying about what others' think. I don't care what anyone thinks of me and the only time I feel the need to comment on a negative comment is when I am afraid someone else will read it and feel bad about themselves because of it. Like the time I got a comment about how I needed to "get over myself" and get over my anger about having MS. I don't care what you think I need to be doing, but I do care if someone else might read that and think that what they are feeling or how they are dealing with their MS is wrong. Who shat you out and appointed you All Knowing Master Of What People Should Feel And Be Doing, because I would like to hunt them down and beat them with my sizeable collection of MS books. Which is why I loved Braincheese's comment about how you have a choice to leave her blog, click out of it, use your self righteous fingers to tap around and figure out how to find another blog more to your liking -- assuming that you can figure that out and are not a monkey with a pencil in your mouth tapping around trying to find bloggers to annoy.

The worst thing people call me in life/to my face when they are trying to hurt my feelings is (and Ms. Diane J. Stanford, this is for you) a lesbian. Is that seriously supposed to upset me? Because if it is, you are wwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy off the mark. If that is the worst thing you can think to call me than you are not a worthy adversary and I cannot possibly get into a war-o'-words with such an obviously unarmed person. It would give me an unfair advantage and I try not to be mean to the mentally challenged. Yes, I know I have short hair, and I have no intentions of growing it out in this lifetime, so is that your mark of a lesbian? Is calling someone a lesbian the worst insult you can think of? It bothers me not one whit because I do not find that offensive at all and usually assume (when it comes from a man) that he is only mad because a lesbian would not have a drop of interest in his penis, and that is always offensive to a man.

I could probably go on and on about this, but Princess has some serious diarrhea of the mouth and has now buried me under a mountain of words.


Jen said...

I'm still reading, Blindbeard. I'm just a little hung up with catching the many marbles that are falling out of the sizable, ever-growing hole in my head.

Denver Refashionista said...

People with time to spread rumors have too much useless free time. I can barely even find the time to read blogs, let alone spread slander.

I remember that when I was a kid I got teased about being a lesbian. When I had a girlfriend for a few years before I was married I used to wish I could go back and say to the other kids, "So what if I am?"

Diane J Standiford said...

I'm behind on blog reading...I don't even know, well I guess I do now, that you were a woman. Nobody has ever called me a lesbian. (At least not to my face) Weird, huh?

Jen, marbles? LOL

Jen said...

Full of marbles, Diane.

PS: Blindbeard, I'm waiting for you to come to my town in the Handi-Girl outfit and start breaking the kneecaps of vermin that illegally park in the handicap spots. Contact me and we can set it into motion....

Yup, I'm this bored....