Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Due to conflicting ideas about how to pay the bills -- I like to pay them monthly while Sugarbowl likes to hold off until the service provider has a finger on the cutoff switch -- we are currently without Internet. Sugarbowl claims she doesn't use the Internet that much, in a ruse to try and make me poop out some money that I do not have. I am holding firm to my position that I AM NOT going to pay the whole bill when she owes me so much money, but nice try, sh*t wrap! So until we get things figured out (read, "one of us breaks first") I will be on another forced holiday. Until then, I have a few things to say then I must go:

Beth: I got your email and have been meaning to get back to you but our Internet issues have seriously cut into my Internet time. Please feel free to bury me under all the mumbo jumbo you want and I will return the favor as soon as possible, right after I kill Sugarbowl/my little sister, who I am sure you remember is a total pain in the arse.

Everyone: I really want to get to your blogs but am short on time when I do get on here, so please don't stop being adorable and amusing until I get back -- I'm going to need it by the time I settle this... minor domestic dispute I am in the middle of.



Domestic dispute - bummer. I need my regular crap apple fix and now who's going to provide it?

I could go crab apple, but then everybody would know that I'm not all cheering sunshine all the time. Hmmmm, that's a dilemma.

Maybe you've got a neighbor with an unlocked wireless router. Jump on their network. Or the library, just leave Sugarbowl et al. at home and enjoy the quiet of the bookery.

In any case, I hope that this dispute is settled soon. :)

Denver Refashionista said...

I hope your service gets back up soon.


Don't MAKE me have to come there and kill her!?! I "KNOW" people and I pretty much KNOW where she lives! Heck, if she was born and bred in Nebraska, we're practically in the movie Deliverance.

Tell Sugarbowl your adoring audience needs you...and that she is causing MS relapses because of her stubbornness. LOL

Jen said...

Hey Blindbeard---

I was thinking about you and others when my plane flew across the country to Vegas this week. There was a video screen that mapped our route and I envied all the open land I saw in the midwest and beyond (something scarce here on the east coast-LOL.)

Hope you're back up and writing soon....

herrad said...

Look forward to more posts when you are back.
Take care.