Monday, March 3, 2008

Remember When...

If you needed extra money you could get a second job, or even get a better job. Or best yet, be able to work!

You could spend all day in the sun without worrying about what it will do to you.

You didn't need to nap as much as a newborn.

You could stay up half the night and still function the next day.

You had the energy to keep up with the people in your life.

People did not ask you what you did to your leg.

Going to the doctor's was not such a long, drawn out ordeal. Now every base has to be covered, no more, "take 2 of these and call me in the morning if you are not better."

You could probably pass a field sobriety test--I couldn't pass it stone sober now.

Other women hated you because you were beautiful; now you make them feel better about themselves. Not that this applies to me, just you, because you're so beautiful.

You didn't need a handful of pills in the morning and again at night. (And your medicine chest did not have such a high street value.)

Double vision was only a side effect of too many margaritas.

You felt good about yourself--all of yourself.



I also remember when I didn't feel so vulnerable and felt instead like I could do absolutely ANYTHING I put my mind to...

Linda D. in Seattle

Bubbie said...

good post. yes I remember . But my new fun game is coming up with more and more outrageous answers (given with a straight face) to the question..."how did you hurt your leg?"