Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Last night Sugarbowl told me that we were supposed to get some snow today, FINALLY! (My finally, not hers. I enjoy snow.) She didn't mention there would be blizzard force winds that swirl around your face and drive the snow into every slight crack in your clothing, so I was unprepared for what awaited me just outside the back door. The dogs and I tumbled out the door and got the stank blowed off us, a phrase my ex always used and I always found funny. What is it about days like this that make me want to get in the car and drive anywhere, because there is absolutely nothing I need and I don't need to go get it, but I must get out of the house NOW! I'm trying to justify my need to leave the house, wracking my brains to think of anything we need around here, coming up with nothing, and fighting the urge to race to my room to bundle up to go try to find something I may have forgotten the last time I went shopping. I'm sure we need more waxed paper, or maybe some freezer bags, because we rarely use them but we may find we need more on hand. Maybe I should get some donuts or more soups, because cold days do make you want to eat warm stuff. I think the dogs may need some more chewies, because I need to step on them and see how long I can hop around on one leg before falling over. We could always use more pit juice around here. That is one thing you will always need, unless you are like my father-in-law who doesn't ever use such newfangled products, enjoying his stank over freshness. He made beer in his bathtub one year. I think that sums up how much he thinks of personal hygiene better than any words I could use. When he and my ex go fishing, my ex is always careful to make sure that he is upwind of his father. And while they are driving to their fishing hole, my ex keeps a window cracked -- or more than cracked until he's used to the stench -- no matter how cold it is outside. One time we went to go get some watermelons from my in laws, and when my father-in-law lifted the watermelons into the car, we all slipped into unconsciousness until the odor started to dissipate. Hmmm, thinking about all this makes me think that we really do need more pit juice. Even though I use my bathtub for things other than making beer, I don't want to knock people out when I lift my arms. Now I must race off to my room to get dressed so I can get more pit juice. It is very important that I go RIGHT NOW! I couldn't possibly wait another day; it is imperative that I stock up today.


Anonymous said...

Send some snow my way! We get snow maybe 3-4 days a year. I wouldn't mind having at least 10 or 12.

Bathtubs are not for making beer, they are for making gin, sheesh. What an uncouth man!

I hope you made it safely to the store for the pit juice. There's nothing more embarassing than telling your rescuers that you JUST HAD TO HAVE PIT JUICE AT THAT VERY MOMENT!

MS Day Dreamer said...

as a kid, i grew up in the mid-west, we used to get snow couple times a winter, 2-3 inches, schools would close etc. Whenever we would get one of those, my dad always wanted to go somewhere. We would get in the car (him, mom, me & sometimes my brother - my brother was older and sometimes not at home). the whole town would mostly shut down and he wanted to go out... we would go out to eat, whatever. And we didn't eat out much either. I think he just liked driving in the snow. He liked to sometime make the car skid a little, make my mom nervous. A few times I remember he would take us to this big parking lot at the college where there were no cars and do donuts and make the car skid. I think he was a big kid. your post about wanting to get out made me think of some of those memories. Some good times.