Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Blindbeard: The Wha...? Edition

*Author's Note: I'm a complete moron. I have been diagnosed for almost 5 years not six like I said in the second letter. How time flies when you're not having fun.

Sometimes I get these comments that I can't figure out how they are related to anything I ever said. To these I dedicate this Dear Blindbeard.

Dear Blindbeard,

Coulnt read past day 3. Very sad had to write in first place. Realise MS makes a difference to life and it is not nice but it is worse with anger and eats away. If thought that there is always somebody worse off it does help.


Dear Beautiful Suejan,

My dear, you missed the point of my 12 Days of Christmas. It may seem angry, but that was not my intent. It was merely my making fun of myself and the gifts that MS has given me, which it has been very generous with. My therapists have told me that anger can be a good thing because it is motivating and helps you push the boundaries of this disease -- granted you don't want to take it too far, but a little can help.

I can't dwell on the thoughts of how many people are worse off than me for too long. It depresses me and makes me very sad and down. I feel for those people and wish I could help, but I only have my friendship and empathy to give them, and nobody is beating down my door to get either of those things. I was going to school for Human Services and did foster care for several years, so I know how bad off some people are. My spewing about MS does not mean I am not aware of others' sufferings, I am just choosing to make fun of my own, to which I will share this little nugget of wisdom:

The whole thing's daft,
I don't know why.
You have to laugh
Or else you'll cry.

That sums up my outlook on MS and life better than any other adage I can think of.


Dear Blindbeard,

Hey there,

So I found you blog when I was looking for MS blogs and other MS related info. and such because I got diagnosed a week and a half ago. I'm 16 with my entire life ahead of me. Weirdly, I love reading your depressing blog. Seeing all that negative only forces me to want to disagree (or something) so I find the positive... the "silver lining" if you will.

So thank you for your dreary blogs. They're helping me to cope with this unfortunate disease.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!


Dear Beautiful Linnea,

Hey there,

I was diagnosed almost 6 years ago. I'm 35 with my entire life ahead of me. Weirdly, I am not writing a depressing blog. Seeing this comment makes me wonder if you read a different blog and posted a comment on here. Seeing all that stuff about "depressing" makes me remember how I was when newly diagnosed. I tried to find the "silver lining" if you will, went through all the different stages of grief and ended up finding that I enjoy a good laugh at myself best of all.

So thank you for a comment that missed the point of my entire blog. I only have one blog, but thanks for thinking I could keep up on "blogs" -- this one helps me cope with this unfortunate disease.


P.S. This whole comment smacks of insincerity and I almost want to call bull sh*t on the whole thing. If for nothing else, because you are "only 16" I am hoping I am right and this whole thing is crap. Cheers and Merry Christmas!


zoomdoggies said...

Dear Blindbeard,

I was diagnosed 13 years ago. I'm 58 with my entire life ahead of me. Any blog about MS starts out with an inherently depressing topic, but I read your blog because it's real and funny and makes me laugh. If I'm missing the point here, please don't tell me.


Webster said...

Dear Blindbeard,

I was diagnosed 28 1/2 years ago. I'm 54 with my entire life ahead of me. In my blog I write about my life and since I have MS it comes up from time to time. If that depresses anyone they can feel free to discontinue reading. I tell them about it in my masthead so they can't claim they weren't warned. I speak the truth, my truth, and that is that MS sucks. So there you have it.

That said, I don't find your blog particularly depressing - and your 12 days was kinda cute. Gotta get into the spirit of the season any way you can. Right?

Be well.

MS Day Dreamer said...

I have to admit that I have been a lurker on your blog. I have read through most of it even back to the older posts from a couple years ago. I don't find it or you at all depressing - perhaps I just appreciate your sense of humor. If I did think that you were depressing or find you boring, I know I wouldn't have wasted the time reading through all that. In any case, you often make me laugh. And I've learned a lot. Maybe not so much about MS, but I feel like I know you and your family (sugar bowl, princess etc). Sort of like a familiar tv series that you get to know all the players. And I've really enjoyed reading through the past and look forward to reading more in the future. I'm with zoomdoggies - " I read your blog because it's real and funny and makes me laugh. If I'm missing the point here, please don't tell me."

Myself, I 46 and am newly diagnosed (but have my life ahead of me - and hopefully the best isn't behind me).

I'm also new to the MS blog world. I've made an attempt to start my own blog so feel free to stop by, but I'm not sure I have that much to say, I just that just remains to be seen.

In any case thanks again for making me laugh.


Unknown said...

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