Monday, December 14, 2009

This Email I Got

I'm sharing this because it is really interesting and puts a ton of things into perspective. Sometimes I really need to remember how much bigger everything is compared to my problems -- not that I don't know that, I just like to be reminded. I took out the cheesy text because this speaks for itself.


Anonymous said...


Went to a Rocky Mountain MS Center Seminar this weekend where one of the Neuro's mentioned a blood test coming available in Jan '10 to test for exposure?? to the brain virus associated with TY. Theory is that if blood test is clean, TY is OK.

Cranky said...

Beardster - Kinda puts it all in perspective, eh? Similar to the story about the Tralfamadorian robot in Sirens of Titan. (In short, the entire history of earth has been used to get a replacement part for his spaceship so he can return to his quest to deliver the message "hi" to another planet.)

Have you ever read Kurt Vonnegut? With your outlook on life and twisted sense of humor, I think you'd really enjoy his writing.

KB said...

Love the blog Mr Blindbeard .. and, as i've blogged once or twice myself, there's many things worse that MS. None of us get off this little planet alive, and while i'm sucking air in and out I'm happy :-) ... best wishes, and again i love your blog, KB in Oz

Ali said...

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