Saturday, August 1, 2009

What Are Ya, Stupid?!

Is stupidity contagious? Because it sure seems to be spreading around here. I think we have a good old fashioned epidemic on our hands that rivals this whole hullabaloo about the swine flu. (Ha ha! That rhymed! Move over Shakespeare!)

*I did Pilate's yesterday. Me, with all my vast knowledge about all-things-intelligent-people-know, thought it was just a stretching yoga-type thing. It is, but, like yoga, it is a lot harder than it looks. I felt like a bull in a china shop trying to do elegant poses with a body as stiff and flexible as a 2x4. Today I am sore in places I was sure there was no muscle at. Every movement kicks off pain and the thought, "I have muscles THERE?!" I foresee a lot of ibuprofen today, and maybe a little more baclofen, to get moving -- and keep moving.

*I have to admit that your comments about my lack of sleep made me feel much better. I am glad to know that I am not the only one suffering from sleep deprivation and needing sleep medicines to get a decent night's sleep. After your comments I decided that I am going to talk to my doctor about something to help me sleep. Last night I doubled up on my baclofen, but it makes me so loopy I almost peed my bed from being unable to wake up or comprehend that my bed is not an outhouse. Thanks, my fellow MSers, now I am going to do what I need to do and get something to help me sleep. Even though I still think an MSing fool with hideous fatigue during the day should not need sleeping pills (just talking about myself, because everyone knows you are not a fool).

*And in the final 3 for the title of Biggest Stupid Head Ever Shat Upon The Earth, is my ex hubby. (Sound of applause.) He said that he was so ready for me to move back in that he was thinking about coming down here, packing me up and moving me himself. When I asked him why on earth he would think I was coming back, he said, "I thought once you got your head back on you would come back." (Sound of delirious laughter.) One of the biggest reasons for our splitting up was my inability to find myself. I pulled into myself and shut myself off from everybody for... too long. Now that I am starting to "find myself" again, he is ready for me to come running back into his waiting arms. The only minor requisite to his plan for me to move back post haste is that the big dog cannot come back with me. He says he enjoys being able to walk in the yard barefoot and not have to worry about dog poop. And as big dog = big poops, and MS = me being unable to navigate uneven ground to pick up big poops, he had to do it. (Frankly, I would never pick them up anyway. They will go back into the earth in time. And watch where you walk, for big poops sake!) I am unwilling to put my dog down just so the acorn can return to the oak tree, so we are at an impasse. I'm not saying he and I will never try again, but not if I have to sacrifice my dog's life to do it. My dog has terrible seizures that are aging him horribly, so I do not foresee him living to a ripe old age. But I will NOT put him down before his time. But nice try, ball sweat (is that better than boob sweat? I think it is worse!).

And this concludes our foray into stupidity. Until next time, same Blindbeard time, same Blindbeard station.


Mike said...

Check out this link. If you have not seen it already you will get a good laugh. It is funny-stupid in all it's glory.


Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

I am gonna go with "ball sweat" is more disgusting. And I agree with you... Don't put your dog down just because your ex says its time to move back... That's ridiculous!!!!

Denver Refashionista said...

Where to start...

Pilates is tough,no wonder you're sore but good for you for going.

I have the opposite issue with sleep. I often feel like I could sleep more even after 12 hours. I have noticed lately that I can't sleep for my afternoon nap so maybe things are changing...

Do not move in with the ex! Remember, right now you have the power. Keep it. Don't forget the bad things he did to you. On his turf, he might try again but if you stay strong, he'll treat you better and want you more. Also, you deserve this honeymoon with yourself. Keep enjoying the process of finding yourself. He is lucky to even lap at the crumbs, don't forget that.

Cathy said...

Yes, stupidity is contagious and it seems to be a growing problem LOL at least where I live.
I missed your post about sleeping suggestions because we were on vacation but something that recently started working for me as crazy as it sounds is a mask over my eyes. It makes the room dark and my brain can focus on sleeping and not on the little crack of light coming thru the window.