Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Hate Being An Adult

Ya know, I had such great plans for my vacation from my vacationing roomies. I was going to loll around on the couch in my undies, watch TV and movies rated higher than PG13, eat the cake mixes and finally go to bed in the buff and sleep in. Too bad my adult self forgot all my glorious plans. I mowed the lawn, prepared the tub for caulking, read a book, ate healthy meals, went to bed in normal pajamas, got up at 4:30am, and made my bed as soon as I got out of it. Oh God, the HORROR!

I dropped them off at the airport yesterday morning at 5:30am, hugging and kissing and reminding them of how much I love them. We got up at 4 that morning, which normally wouldn't be so bad for me, but nobody got to bed at an early hour. My mom couldn't sleep so she played Goldilocks instead. She started out in Princess's bed, couldn't find any sleep there, moved on to Sugarbowl's bed, and nary a drop of sleep was to be found there either. She finally ended up in my bed, which must have been just right, because she stayed there the rest of the night. Obviously the sight of my peaceful sleep was too much for her because she kept trying to talk to me, scratch my back and ask me, "does that relax you?" What really relaxes me is enjoying my sleep, but I wasn't going to complain. One night she kept me awake talking about her sex life with my father! I know that is how I was created, but I would like to pretend otherwise. It was so horrible I had to tell my sisters all about it because I wanted to share the nausea. It worked.

So today, my second day of this vacation, I am going to clean, get things in order, clean the carpets, get laundry done and try to remember to not be an adult once those things are done. I WILL attack those cake mixes before this vacation is over, damn it, just as soon as I finish caulking the tub.


Denver Refashionista said...

Be a kid already.

Webster said...

Those adult things calling your name? Just plug your ears and go LALALALALA at them. This is YOUR vacation too!

Heather said...

I too enjoy eating cake mix. Yummy! I can't stand when my mom thinks it's okay to share personal details about her and my dads sex life. Yuck!

Enjoy your vacation before it's over! All those chores will still be there.