Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boiled Noodle

*Author's Note: I am sorry that I assumed that all MSers have a certain gait. I did not mean to be a small minded bigot when I said that. I recently attended an MS function where we all got together with our families and I could pick out who had MS there, hence my conceited assumption that all of us walk a certain way. I can only say that all my brain damage was showing when I made that remark. And for those of you who are lucky enough to not have a gait disturbance, I think I hate you! I walk like the ground is uneven so even when I try to look "normal" (albeit a very rare occurrence) it gives me away every time. I will get over my shame in time -- okay, I'm over it. Back to my usual nonsense. One last thing, I lived in Houston for awhile, so I can sympathize with the comment about the Florida heat. You have my pity and respect that you can thrive in that humidity.

Due to the desert-like temperatures and ungodly humidity, I have been giving some serious thought to moving to the Northwest Territories. Yes, the cold makes me a little more stiff but I think that is preferable to feeling like a boiled noodle the whole summer. This heat makes me so lethargic that some days it is too much for me to even sit up without some kind of support. I feel like a floaty that someone has torn a hole in and all my air has drained out. Or, as the title of this post says, a noodle that has been thoroughly boiled and just drapes into whatever position you put it in; and the position I have been left in is lolling on the couch like some goddess waiting for someone to come by and drop grapes into my mouth. (Hopefully the red ones -- I'm not fond of the green ones.) Maybe I should see if I could join an Eskimo family and build myself a beautiful, COLD igloo. I haven't decided which would be better yet, but I must admit that I am leaning toward the Northwest Territories due to the fact that I am a weenie and do not think I could hunt seal or whale. I don't mind the cold at all. In fact, I never wear a coat in winter. If it is really cold I will wear a sweatshirt and maybe a scarf, but that is mostly because I adore scarves and winter hats, so I embrace any chance to wear them. I am never cold, and sometimes that makes me sad. I love the coats that look like something an old rancher would wear -- the leather with furry collar and cuffs; I even own one but I never wear it because I am never cold enough to. I am kind of curious if anyone else is like me and never gets cold. I know there are certain things that are almost always a given in MS, like heat bad, fatigue terrible, and our own special gait (I can tell an MSer from a mile away just by watching how they walk) but I am not sure the love of cold is as universal. I just know that I am NOT moving any further south because I do not enjoy being the last over boiled noodle in the pot. Wake me when fall is here.


Tricia said...

My husband (the one with MS) is rarely hot. He gets really drained in the heat but doesn't get all hot and sweaty. He will wear a sweatshirt at 75 degrees and isn't really bothered unless the heat is 85+ AND the humidity is high. In the winter he is always cold and wears long underwear under his jeans even in the house.

I think it's because he's so skinny though - no fat to keep him warm. :)

I on the other hand am rarely cold.

Anonymous said...

96 here in Pennsylvania and we are in our 3rd heat wave in three weeks. No sign of let up anytime soon.

It is 10 degrees cooler at the seashore, so I am off tomorrow morning for the weekend.

Keep as cool as you can.

Denver Refashionista said...

So sorry that your roasting. It's pretty hot here too but I have to blow one MS theory out of the water... I am not destroyed by the heat. I also don't have an "MSers gait" so who knows. Someone told me that MSers are like snowflakes, each different in their needs and symptoms. I hope the mention of snowflakes cools you off a little.

SwampAngel65 said...

Ha! Try living in Miami!! It is so hot and humid here that you sweat just walking out to the car. Ugh! At least I'm not heat sensitive as long as I stay hydrated. In the summer I have a drink permanently attached to my hand!


Come on out (to the Pacific Northwest)! But how do you do with rain??? (Which is a myth we spread here to keep the tourists and Californians away)

Linda D. in Seattle