Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Slow Lane

I always thought a great license plate for me would be NMBR 2, but the other day while I was tooling around town doing things that didn't need to be done (shopping) I was passed by a little hot rod that had the license plate "Fast Lane." My first thought was what a cop magnet such a vanity plate would be, then I thought how silly it would be if I had the same plate. I never speed because I have all the time in the world and no place to be at any given time. Also I don't work so if I got a speeding ticket my husband would have to pay it and how would I explain that I just had to get to that great sale to buy more crap I don't need? But that plate changed my mind as to the vanity plate I would get, if I ever get one. And, yes, you guessed it, it would be the title of this post. What a great license plate that would be! Me puttering along in the slow lane, lollagagging and rubbernecking at anything that caught my eye -- gotta keep a sharp eye out for those banners that say, "CLEARANCE SALE!!" I can no more pass up a great sale than I could sprout scales and live under water. I have a strict policy of never buying anything at full price, and am an object of jealousy for my great buys, everyone else in my family has to work and never gets to shop the sales like I do. I also think it would be great to be parked in the handicapped space with a license plate that said "slow lane." See that's funny because it's obvious! I love life in the slow lane, so peaceful, so much time to lollagag. You can keep your fast lane because I enjoy my slow lane so much more.

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Merelyme said...

yep...i am in the slow lane too. matter of fact...i am so slow...i don't even drive!